How I Met Your Father (pt4) – What Happened in Vegas!

What Happens In Vegas

By the time Noel’s birthday came around we were officially a couple.  We were super coupley – we had conversations about marriage and babies and life and all those “couple” things!  We learned a lot about each other really quickly, … Continue reading

How I Met Your Father (pt3) – Moving in and THEN the First Date!

How I Met Your Father First Date

Most nights after work I’d get a text that Noel had made me dinner, so I spent a lot of my time there.  (My fridge was ALWAYS empty).  Soon it was time for me to renew the lease on my apartment.  I couldn’t though, as rent was way too much – Jon had moved back home due to illness.

Noel was also struggling with rent on his own apartment downstairs.  We figured that, considering we spent most of our time together anyway, we should just move in together.

Even though I knew at the time that it would make sense for me to move downstairs – as it was my lease that was up, and I had pretty much nothing to move – I still thought my top floor apartment was way too nice to leave!

So Noel moved up, with his HUGE amount of stuff, AND his 150L fishtank! (Sorry Noel + Grandad A!!)

One night, Noel had some friends over to play poker.  I wasn’t there, but he had told me beforehand that if he won, he’d take me out for dinner.  Well, he won!

I hadn’t really thought much of it, I honestly thought it’d be McDonalds or something!  I was wrong, a few days later he asked me out for dinner…

He took me to this restaurant in Dun Laoghaire called Toscana.  It was so romantic, and then we went for a walk on the pier afterwards!  BEST DATE EVER!

So, I guess it was after that, that we were “dating”!

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VLOGmas Day 18: Playtime!

Welcome to day 18! Only 7 more sleeps!! Today we took Devin to the play centre and he exhausted himself, playing in areas for MUCH older kids!! After following him, I ended up having to go down the slide too…oops. Click below to watch Day 18!

VLOGmas Day 6! Housework, Hair and Christmas Bed sheets!

Welcome to day 6! I’m afraid today was pretty boring…but you do get to see my crazy hair 😉

Click below to watch, and please like and subscribe — that puts a smile on my face 🙂

We’re doing Vlogmas!!

So, I have really been neglecting the blog of late! Not the first time I’ve said that, but I’ve decided to try something different – I’m going to do Vlogmas! We will be vlogging everyday until Christmas and I’ll be uploading to YouTube! Hopefully the uploading goes ok, but they’ll hopefully be up daily!!

Here’s day 1 of Vlogmas: