Video: Boyfriend Beauty Test TAG ♡

I roped my husband into doing the Boyfriend Beauty Test TAG on YouTube!  So, yes I did cheat a bit – because he’s my husband, not my boyfriend…but just pretend!

This tag was started by Shaaanxo on YouTube, and I actually just saw Dana Marie had done it the other day, so I decided to go for it!  The idea is, that Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers ‘test’ their other half, to see how much attention they are paying to us when we talk about beauty!  The guy that scores the highest, wins!

Here’s the Questions:

1. Name as many beauty brands as you can in 30 seconds
2. Where is the ‘waterline’?
3. What colour lipstick would you commonly use for a ‘Pin Up’ inspired makeup look?
4. What would you use *show two brushes* these for? (2 points)
5. What is the first product I personally put on my face before my makeup?
6. What are three makeup products I personally couldn’t live without?
7. Where is your ‘crease’?
8. Where is your ‘outer v’?
9. Where is your ‘brow bone’?
10. What hair care product should you use before using a hair straightener?
11. What would you use *show 2 makeup products* this for? (2 points)
12. Name as many makeup items as you can in 30 seconds

Hope you enjoy, and if you want to do it to – DO (Blog or YouTube)!  Leave me your links if you do it, it’s so fun to film and I love watching them x

Birthday Fun at The Beacon Hotel

My amazing husband surprised me with a stay at The Beacon Hotel in Dublin.  The package included shopping vouchers, free cocktails in the Crystal Bar, dinner at My Thai restaurants and delicious breakfast the next morning!

The way he told me about it, was possibly the best bit of all – he gave me breakfast in bed with “Hotel for 2” spelled out with bacon, haha!

So, here’s some snaps from our stay!

The Hotel

The Beacon Hotel

The Beacon describes itself as being a place “where boutique hotel style and design blend with outstanding service to create a new concept in luxury travel.”  The decor was just amazing – the photos above are taken in the lobby.  There’s a huge four poster bed which is actually a table and seating, a giant leaf table with stools and an amazing pool table – which people were actually using!

The bedroom was gorgeous, and to my delight there was a huge bright mirror at the desk – perfect for doing makeup haha!

The Beacon Hotel

Crystal Bar

Crystal Bar

The Crystal Bar was really nice and surprisingly relaxed!  It was super warm that day, so we went outside to the courtyard where there’s this amazing ‘day bed’ type seating for lounging on.  (Of course we LOUNGED, you can see us lying on one in the bottom right!)  The napkins were a pretty cool touch so I had to include them too!  My cocktail was delicious, super potent though haha – so “one and done” and off to dinner!

My Thai Restaurant

My Thai Restaurant

The ‘My Thai Restaurant’ was AMAZING!  One of the most enjoyable meals I’ve ever had!  The service was fantastic too, all of the staff were so nice!  The photos aren’t doing it justice!  If you are a regular reader you know how much I love this type of food, I was in heaven.  Finding Dim Sum in Ireland is pretty difficult so I was delighted with that.  So delicious – if you’re in Dublin looking for a great restaurant, definitely go here!

The next morning we had a huge breakfast and headed off home.  I have to admit, I was getting very weepy on the way home because I couldn’t wait to see Devin!  I know it was only one night, and we had such an amazing time – but I missed him!!  I’m really only completely happy when we’re all together!

Another GREAT birthday, thanks to my lovely hubby!

Thanks for reading! x

How I Met Your Father (pt4) – What Happened in Vegas!

What Happens In Vegas

By the time Noel’s birthday came around we were officially a couple.  We were super coupley – we had conversations about marriage and babies and life and all those “couple” things!  We learned a lot about each other really quickly, … Continue reading

How I Met Your Father (pt3) – Moving in and THEN the First Date!

How I Met Your Father First Date

Most nights after work I’d get a text that Noel had made me dinner, so I spent a lot of my time there.  (My fridge was ALWAYS empty).  Soon it was time for me to renew the lease on my apartment.  I couldn’t though, as rent was way too much – Jon had moved back home due to illness.

Noel was also struggling with rent on his own apartment downstairs.  We figured that, considering we spent most of our time together anyway, we should just move in together.

Even though I knew at the time that it would make sense for me to move downstairs – as it was my lease that was up, and I had pretty much nothing to move – I still thought my top floor apartment was way too nice to leave!

So Noel moved up, with his HUGE amount of stuff, AND his 150L fishtank! (Sorry Noel + Grandad A!!)

One night, Noel had some friends over to play poker.  I wasn’t there, but he had told me beforehand that if he won, he’d take me out for dinner.  Well, he won!

I hadn’t really thought much of it, I honestly thought it’d be McDonalds or something!  I was wrong, a few days later he asked me out for dinner…

He took me to this restaurant in Dun Laoghaire called Toscana.  It was so romantic, and then we went for a walk on the pier afterwards!  BEST DATE EVER!

So, I guess it was after that, that we were “dating”!

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