First Impressions: Essence Makeup

Essence Cosmetics

I thought I’d do a ‘first impressions’ type post on these bits I picked up from Essence Cosmetics.  I wasn’t expecting too much, considering I spent a total of €7.49 but I’m actually pretty happy! Here I am, wearing what … Continue reading

Review: Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner

Another WIN for Collection Cosmetics with the Extreme 24 Hr Felt Tip Liner.  I mentioned this in my recent beauty haul, and I’ve been using it since. I generally only wear pencil liners, because (a) I’m awful at applying liquid … Continue reading

Product Review: L’Oreal SuperLiner Brow Artist Pencil

Today I’m reviewing the L’Oreal SuperLiner Brow Artist in 003 Brunette!  I am a big fan of brow palettes, as I prefer a more natural look.  Using a pencil can often give a drawn on, greasy effect – I hate … Continue reading

Best of Beauty: 2013 Favourites!

I think the last time I did a “favourites” post was 2012!  I thought I’d make up for that by doing this 2013 beauty favourites for the year!  These are basically the products that stuck with me for the whole … Continue reading

Clinique Even Better: Makeup to Cover Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne Scarring and Age Spots!

If you are concerned about hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring or age spots – these may be your new favourite makeup products!

The Clinique Even Better range has been a long-time favourite of mine. As I have mentioned before, one of my main skin concerns is sun damage! I grew up in a very sunny country and I was very naughty and rarely wore sunscreen! However, some years back I visited a Clinique counter had a consultation and thus discovered Even Better. In this blogpost I’m reviewing two products from the makeup range.
Photos demonstrating results are at the bottom of the Page!
(I’ve actually used a scar on my arm to show results for this as I think it’s much more obvious than my face!)

Even Better Foundation SPF 15

Skin Types: Combination Oily, Dry Combination

Coverage: Medium to Full

Benefits: Evens and Corrects Skin Tone + Contains SPF + Oil Free!

This foundation is the one that I always go back to – I even wore it for my Wedding day! There’s something amazing about this makeup – it actually contains ingredients to treat your skin problems as well as conceal them!

Within 4-6 weeks of using this product you should see a more even skin tone, diminished age spots and improved clarity! The SPF also means it protects against future darkening. Amazing!

I can say I definitely see a difference in my own skin when I’ve been using this product, so much so that I’ve stopped wearing it daily and have been using a BB cream instead!

TIP: If you are concerned with Acne you should use your fingers to apply the make up rather than a brush – far more hygienic!!

Even Better Concealer

Concern: Dark Spots and Discolourations

Skin Type: All skin types

Coverage: Full

Benefits: Brightens and Conceals

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this, and if I had read online reviews before buying this — I probably never would have found it! BUT a lot of the reviews seem to be from people with skin concerns such as bags/wrinkles that have simply not understood what this product is for! I would say that this product is for you ONLY if you are trying to conceal pigmentation and dark spots!

This concealer works really well, one thing I will say is that you need to warm the product between your fingers or on the back of your hand before use as it’s quite stiff. If you’ve warmed it first, it blends perfectly!

Here are the results you can expect to see. This is just one application of foundation, you can obviously put less or more on depending on the coverage you need.




I hope you found this useful, definitely let me know if you try it! Thanks for reading!!

June Favourites 2013

Day 2 of my little July Blog Challenge! I don’t even remember the last time I did a favourites post, so just for something different that’s what today’s post is!


Original Source Shower Gels. I have been using two different ones, which is kind of weird when I look at them now because they’re so different! I love citrusy fresh smells, especially in the summer so when I shower in the morning I always use the Lime one! The Shea Butter and Honey one is really rich and yummy smelling and I love using it in the evening and then putting on my pjs!

For a moisturiser I am using Nivea at the moment. I always use this moisturiser in the summer time because its light-weight and I adore the smell of it!

I also purchased the Dove Summer Glow. I haven’t used a self tanner in about 4 years so I thought I’d try this stuff out. I was pretty impressed, I only actually used it once but I didn’t turn out looking orange and streaky so that was nice! It does develop like a self tanner though, where you feel like you’ve got a thick layer of moisturiser on and you feel greasy. (Maybe that’s just me) But I do not like that feeling which is why I don’t use self tanner so I won’t be using this as an everyday moisturiser!


Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. I always switch between the same perfumes, this is a long time favourite of mine and I’m loving it this month! This is the perfume I wore in Vegas when we got engaged, so it always gives me really happy memories!

I was given a gift of some Yankee candles, and I’ve been using them all around the house lately. It’s incredibly relaxing especially Midnight Jasmine!


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. I’ve said things about this one before. I use it almost as a moisturise, I just hate putting on make up that makes me look different, I like to look like me except more awake! This does the job and it’s light weight for summer!

Bourjois Volume Glamour in Ultra Black. This mascara was actually a gift from my mom on my birthday but I’m really pleased with this. It doesn’t clump but it does give length and volume.


Rimmel 60 seconds in Coralicious. This one is my absolute favourite, it makes you look really tan and put together!

Barry M in Strawberry Ice Cream. This looks best as one coat as it gives a French polish kind of look. It’s really light and girly and perfect for summer.


VO5 Plump me Up. This dry shampoo does exactly what it says “boosts body & grip whilst refreshing your style”. If your a mom, you will understand the hair styling dilemma – this is a life saver! It also smells really good, you smell shampooed rather than sprayed…if that makes sense?!

Well that’s about it!! Leave links to your favourites from last month, or comment below if you have anything to recommend!! Thanks for reading…

D xoxo