Sanari – My Breast Cancer Candle!

I haven’t written a ‘review’ in a while, so this feels odd!  I have always had a rule that I never review a product that I don’t genuinely love!  If I’m sent something, and I don’t like it, I wont … Continue reading

My Cancer Journey | End of Chemo Chats – Mental Health, Staying Positive and Hating Facebook!

Chemo is finished!  Time to close that chapter of this journey and move on to the next stage of treatment.  In this chatty update I’m really just talking about my mental health after chemo.  I guess it’s not that upbeat, … Continue reading

Nominated for an Aussie Blog Award with!!

Aussie Blog Awards 2014

On Monday of this week, a few things happened, I was honestly thinking “this is going to be a pretty crappy week!”  BUT THEN, something AMAZING happened!  Yesterday, I found out that I’m one of the finalists for the Aussie … Continue reading