Hospital Bag – Pregnancy Blog Post!


So, this post is sort of in honour of one of my best friends who is expecting her first baby next month! Yay!

One of the wonderful things about friends and sisters having had babies before you is that they give really good honest advice!  Having said that,  my friend waited until after I’d told her the details (and mean ALL the details) of childbirth before telling me she was pregnant…so she literally knows everything to expect now.

The other day we went through the absolute must-haves for a hospital bag and how to pack.  When I went into hospital, I was not properly prepared and I had stuff being collected from home each day!  I would definitely do it differently second time around.

So, I thought I’d share some of my tips on the blogosphere and help you pack your bags too!

First of all one bag for everything is a bad idea!  Rummaging through the one bag and pulling out things for you, and then things for baby, and then more things for you, gets messy!  Baby should have one bag and you should have another.

For baby, don’t feel like you’re packing too much.  I thought I was too, but Noel had to keep bringing things in to me!  Your own hospital will probably have their own list of what you should bring for baby, it’s better to have too much than too little!

For you:

1.  Lots of changes of clothes:  nighties are a must, choose night dresses over pjs!  Lots of cheap/disposable underoos!  You’ll probably be able to have showers and it will be nice to freshen up and change your clothes.  Don’t forget your going home clothes will probably be maternity wear too, so don’t pack your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans!

2.  Shower Shoes/Flip Flops: I found that the heat of the shower was massively therapeutic during contractions and lovely and refreshing after baby is born too.  Don’t assume you will be the only one using the shower though,  for your own comfort bring some flip flops with you!

3. Spray Bottle:  If you have an episiotomy or you tear, use salt and water in a spray bottle.  This was the single most effective technique for me during my recovery.  Keep a separate towel for this area too and just pat dry.

4.  Shower & Hygiene:  Essentials are shower wash, toothbrush & toothpaste, moisturiser and some lip balm!  Forget hair washing, shaving and make up…it’ll probably be the last thing on your mind!  Keep lanolin cream beside your bed and use it often, even if you don’t need to, your better off safe than sorry!

5.  Light Night Gown and Slippers:  The hospital will be warm, so nothing too heavy.  I brought an oversized cotton one with me, and I would have hated not having it with me – walking the halls/ showertime/ breastfeeding – very useful!

6.  Pillow:  You might feel silly carrying a pillow in with you, but bringing little comforts from home will really help you to relax and feel comfortable in the hospital.

7.  Snacks: This may only apply to breastfeeding mamas, but you will get hungry … a lot!!  It may not be a convenient time to ask for tea and toast (2am) so single serving packets of brown bread, crackers or biscuits and a flask of tea is a great idea!  Best not to be too naughty with your snacks as you’ll be feeding baby too, i.e. don’t live on chocolate and redbull!

8.  Entertainment: This is one that I didn’t plan beforehand.  I thought I’d be entertained by my baby, and I’d nap while he napped and it would all just be so wonderful….  But I didn’t sleep until I was home and babies sleep a lot!  I kept busy filling in the rest of my pregnancy journal and starting Devin’s baby record book.  Think magazines, books, phone, tablet … whatever, just keep yourself amused!

Follow these little tips you’ll be well prepared…Happy packing!

Below:  The receipt from my labour inducing curry that I mentioned in my last post!


D xoxo