Room For Improvement ♥ Moneysupermarket £50 Challenge

Home improvements don’t have to break the bank and I’ve taken part in the #RoomforImprovement blogger competition to prove just that!

I was given £50 to spend on improving a room in my home, with the aim of showing people an affordable way to transform the look and feel of a room!

I chose our Bedroom, and here’s how it went:

Before Photo:


As you can see, we have plain white walls, a wooden floor and we (always) use white bed linen.  Our furniture is white too, looks like we love white haha but it’s really just the easiest way to match items up when you’re buying bit by bit!

So, how did I spend my £50?  On eBay!  Well, for the most part anyway!  A lot of people have a fear of online shopping but I would confidently buy pretty much anything online!  You can usually get better deals, more variety and it’s so convenient!

Before I continue, “I” becomes “we” in this post, as OH had to be enlisted!  We have a teething 7 month old baby and some of this got a little complicated…so it took two!!!

After Photo:


Purchase 1:  “Live every moment..” Wall Decal (£15.58 incl P&P)

Quote Decal  Live Love Laugh

The effect is lovely, it looks like it’s painted on and has a matte finish.  The one I bought came with a free “Live Love Laugh”, so we used that too.

I’m not going to lie, doing this wall was a patience-testing task, it really does take a lot of concentration to do it right.  It was well worth it though because I loved the end result!

Also, you can do this if you’re renting as decals can be removed without damaging the wall!  You may need a light touch up after if you aren’t careful though.

Purchase 2: Butterfly Decals (£7.98 incl P&P)

Butterfly Stickers

These are two packets, two different colours/sizes.  This really helps to tie the teal/turquoise colour into the room.  We had toyed with the idea of just using black, rather than committing to a colour scheme, but the colour was gorgeous and we are delighted we went ahead with it!  These are much easier to apply but we cut them and used masking tape to figure out the positioning of them before hand, just in case!

Purchase 3:  Silk Table Runner (£12.98 incl P&P)


Ugh!  Unfortunately this has not arrived yet, but I’ll include the stock photo!  This is to go under the vase on the chest of drawers!  It’s Thai silk and hand made.

Purchase 4 & 5: Chenile Bed Throw (£8.50) Vase (£4.30)

Both of these were bought in an Irish store, Heatons.  This store is really good for homeware, it’s along the lines of BHS or Primark.  They were both fantastic buys!  Buying either of these online would probably be more expensive in postage, so it’s sometimes easier to just go into a store!


So, the total came to £49.34!  We are delighted with it  the room and it has such a different feel now…all under £50

Panoramic View(Panoramic view to show the full effect)