How To Treat Eczema and Dry Skin in Babies

20130709-145921.jpgSo it’s definitely not EVERY day in July that I’m blogging!! We had a very busy weekend and I just didn’t get the time at all.

This post is for anyone who has not found a solution to their baby’s eczema yet, I suppose you’re willing to try anything and this is what works for us!

Step 1: Bath Time..

Try to avoid products containing sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate and fragrances when washing Baby. Basically really foamy yummy smelling products (including some baby products) shouldn’t go anywhere near your baby’s skin!

We use a bar of Oilatum, which I think is an Irish product. Alternatively, you can use an emulsifier like Silcock’s Base.

Step 2: Dry Thoroughly…

Make sure all of you Baby’s lovely little rolls and creases have been dried thoroughly. In colder weather I use two towels AND a hair dryer!

Step 3: Moisturise…

This step is so important and it is what really works for us. Always, always apply an emulsifier to the skin, even when it doesn’t look particularly dry. If it looks good it’s because you’re doing it right! We use products like Elave and E45.

Step 4: Treat…

If your Baby’s skin is particularly bad you might need to treat lesions, cracks or cuts. Hydrocortisone cream is amazing for this. We apply a thin layer to problem areas and the transformation happens almost over night!

If you stop using the cream the irritation returns so you really have to watch the skin and act immediately.

We follow these steps and we really manage to keep it under control. So if you’re looking for a solution why not give it a try? It might work for you too.

Thanks for reading!

D xoxo