Setting myself ANOTHER task!


I had a really good routine at home for Devin, he was sleeping and eating and playing, I had time to do things too and everything was great!  It wasn’t a strict schedule it was just a guideline as to how the day should go!

Then I started listening to other people who told me he was “too young” or how it wasn’t “normal” and “babies shouldn’t be told when to eat or sleep…” etc!  Basically I started to doubt myself and thought maybe I WAS doing it ‘wrong’!

Well, I’ve realised way too late that I was actually doing the right thing for me, and I have to start again!

I have a baby that won’t eat, won’t sleep and throws tantrums and he has parents that are constantly exhausted and irritable!  I have come to realise that it’s because we have completely lost our routine.

The day seems to never end, there’s no switch off point and I am super tired!  Routines, lists and rosters are all things that really help me.  So that’s just what I’m going to do!  I’m setting myself another task for this month: get baby back on track!

Here’s my plan:

  • Move Devin into his own room (eek!)
  • Get him back into a routine to sort out eating and sleeping.
  • Plan activities for him and keep him busy so I don’t find myself saying “I’ve got to get this kid out of the house NOW!”
  • Stick to a weekly housekeeping roster so I can stay on top of cleaning without feeling overwhelmed!

Ok, so I may be taking on too much!  We’ll see, I’ll keep you updated…If anyone has blogged a similar experience link it below for me to read!!  I might need you to wish me luck on this one too :/

Thanks for reading…

D xoxo

Top Tips For Happy Skin This Winter

Why do we have to change up our beauty routine in the winter?  How come everything you’ve done all year suddenly stops working?  I mean seriously, what’s with the sore lips, red cheeks that sting, dry skin and misbehaving hair!?
Cold air lacks humidity and can dry out the natural oils in your skin, while harsh wind and rain can chap your lips and cheeks. Then, just when you think you’re home and dry…you’re not really…because the dry air in your home (caused by your heating) isn’t really helping matters either!
Well don’t worry, here are some top tried and tested tips for happy skin this winter:
1) Keep your skin hydrated by making sure you are drinking enough water! Water is a beauty product as far as I’m concerned and if you can remember to drink it, your skin will thank you for it!
2) Moisturise regularly using a rich moisturiser.  I do it after my shower – head to toe!  To ensure I never forget to use it, I use one that smells gorgeous so I look forward to putting it on!  Make sure you’re using something appropriate on your face too, maybe use a rich night cream to give back what the day took out!
 3) Look after your lips! keep them soft and comfortable with a lip moisturiser, Blistex Relief Cream is my favourite. I use it daily to prevent chapped lips, rather than waiting for it to happen!
4) Purdy paws! My hands are prone to getting wind chaffed and rough feeling in the winter, so I use Nutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream on them. If u pop some in your bag and have one at home too you’ll remember to use it!
5) Be kind to your skin! You’re better off using a fragrance free soap (like Simple) or even an emulsifier (silcock’s base) in the shower. You can use your moisturiser to make sure you smell delicious after!
6) Wrap Up Warm.  Make sure that you layer your clothes properly so you only have cotton and soft fabrics (not wool) touching your skin!  I like to wear a vest top and long sleeved top or shirt, cardis, chunky knits etc.  And if you get rained on, change out of your wet clothes as soon as you get home!
If you have any tips you want to share, please comment below!

Food on Friday – Healthy Eating

So my food on Friday is a little late this week – sometimes the case when you have a baby!  Basically I’m talking about healthy eating this week, rather than talking about one particular meal.
“I really want to start eating more healthily” – sound familiar?  Yeah, me too!  Only now, as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I’m nursing my son so I NEED to be healthy.
Now, for some of you “healthy eating” is about losing weight, following strict nutritional philosophies and depriving yourselves of yummy foods!  For me, Healthy Eating is about feeling good, having enough energy and balancing out your moods.  I never drink coffee anymore – if I run out of energy I know it’s to do with diet.
“I don’t have time for that!” – Or something along those lines?  Let me tell you, since having a baby I wonder what the hell I was doing when I thought I was ‘busy’ before!  If you commit to it – you can actually do it!
It’s IMPOSSIBLE to change how you eat overnight, so don’t try.  Just change one thing at a time.  There’s no way that 7 days a week I get my five-a-day and my 8 glasses of water etc, I still have frozen pizza in the freezer and tortellini in the fridge!
I do eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Something I never did before!  I’m going to give some examples of a healthy lunch here that you might like to try out yourself:
I buy Bagels and Panini bread in my weekly shop and keep them in the fridge, then just pop them in the toaster when I’m ready to eat them.
I think both of these are the same combination – Cheese, Green Peppers, Ham and Pesto.  It will fill you up until dinner too!
Try one of these in the canteen – make lunch for a few people at one time!  You should have a couple of peppers in the fridge, a pack of ham, a block of cheese, a jar of pesto and Paninis or Bagels.   Another great filling – mix up some tuna, low fat mayo and sweet corn and serve on lettuce!
Let me know if you try it out – how well did it work out for you?  Once we have lunch sorted I’ll talk to you about other ways to make your diet a little healthier!