VLOGmas Day 16: Dancing Christmas Baby!

First of all…ONLY NINE MORE SLEEPS!!! Secondly, how terrible am I? I promised Devin a day of fun — and the place we wanted to take him was closed!! He still got to feed the ducks though and he showed off lots of his dancing skills for us today too! Lots of cute Devin moments in this one! Like and subscribe on YouTube and all those lovely things 😉

Click below to watch VLOGmas Day 16!!

VLOGmas Day 9: Feeding The Ducks

Hello and welcome to day 9! I was exhausted today, so it’s a pretty short video again! Hoping to get this up early and get to sleep at a reasonable hour. VLOGmas is HARD work! Anyway, today featured some scary seagulls and overfed ducks… Take a peep below 😉