7 Month Baby Update

There’s not too many obvious differences from last month, but literally everyday he’s doing something new!


His absolute  favourite thing is bath time.  As part of his bedtime routine he baths every night.  It was supposed to be a winding down time for him, but that never caught on!  So, as he seemed to enjoy the water so much, we took him swimming a couple of times recently and he loved it.

We also took him to a baby play group and I honestly think (this may sound stupid) that when he saw other babies crawling that he started trying to do it too!  I know it sounds crazy but his crawling attempts were almost immediate.

Our latest discovery is the playground!  He loves the swings!  But I think he just enjoys being outside and seeing other little people, so sitting and looking around is what he seems to like best!



He is sitting completely unaided now, I am rarely bothering with pillows behind him now as he is more likely to fall forward than back now!  He is definitely trying to crawl now!  He moves himself around on his bum and can pull himself up onto his knees.  The photo below shows exactly why we need to start childproofing soon!!



Devin is a really content baby.  He makes grumpy faces a lot, but he’s honestly quite a happy little boy!  He does get cranky, and I am pretty sure that its boredom.  He’s just keeping me on my toes!  I have to come up with new activities on a weekly basis.

He’s had a tough few weeks as he caught a bug.   Sleepless nights for us all!  Nothing too serious but the doctor also prescribed something for his eczema which has gotten worse as he was sick.  He is also teething,  Bonjela and cuddles seem to do the trick!

Very Cute Behaviour:

Another thing that I’ve noticed is how he behaves with his daddy.  When Noel walks in, Devin gets a cheeky smile like he knows it’s playtime.  At the same time, if daddy wants him to relax and lie down and have a snooze he’ll do it!  It’s very cute and I’m starting to notice how he reacts to both of us.  It’s not just an “I know you guys” reaction anymore it’s an “I love you guys” and I LOVE IT!



Devin is in his cot full time now, which is right next to me.  This was the best way to transition him from co sleeping for us, because I can reach right into him and the bed and cot are at the same height so he can see me.

I think I’ve given up on STTN haha!  He used to do it but I think this is my routine for now.  He goes to sleep at night at around 7:00 or 7:30.  At around 11:00 we go to bed so I give him a bottle dream feed at that time and then he wakes at 4am for a bottle and then he wakes at 7am.

He has a morning nap and an afternoon nap and he has started to sleep in the afternoon for a little over an hour sometimes (which was a big shock).  I guess he’s doing more and getting more tired too!


He’s not really into baby food anymore.  I spoke to my sister and she suggested trying something with more flavour.  So he has shreddies and toast or some form of cereal for breakfast, his 2nd meal of the day is now home cooked something and in the evening he has his bedtime cereal.  He also has some finger food snacks during the day too – which he actually ingests now!


He has grown again!  I’ve just measured him again and he’s 9.9kg and 76cm!  (He is quite heavy to carry around now!)

It’s almost time for new clothes again, as 9-12 is getting small (arghh) and he’s in 12-18 month sleep suits!

Our next big purchase will be a new car seat, we were talking about it the other day, I’m not sure when yet though!  Let me know when you moved your LO to their next stage seat / when you’re going to, please!

Thanks for reading!

D xoxo