Sanari – My Breast Cancer Candle!

I haven’t written a ‘review’ in a while, so this feels odd!  I have always had a rule that I never review a product that I don’t genuinely love!  If I’m sent something, and I don’t like it, I wont talk about it!  Recently I was gifted some Sanari Candles (The most natural candle in the world!).  This company is based in the US but there is a beautiful background story which just spoke to me!  Also, 5% of profits go to Breast Cancer research, how could I not love this brand?


The lady who started the company, Rebecca, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. While going through treatment she decided to eliminate all toxins from her home.  I can understand this – particularly during chemotherapy!  You just want rid of any unnecessary poisons!  I hated seeing people smoking, I hated the thought of alcohol and I started eating much more healthy foods!  I didn’t rid my home of all toxins by any means – but if you are going through treatment, maybe you are!

Candles were a huge part of Rebecca’s life – lighting one while cooking, reading a book, focusing at work, relaxing… you name it!  So when she had to remove them from her home she was disappointed to find there wasn’t a pure enough candle on the market for her!  So what did she do?  She made her own!

You can read her whole beautiful story here.


I am currently IN LOVE with these candles!  The added bonus of knowing the fumes are guilt free and completely natural just makes them even better.  (Because I swear, treatment messes with your head, you wouldn’t believe the things you worry about!)

On that note, I find relaxation and mindfulness has been really helpful during treatment!  During yoga or reflexology, candles are a great focus point, and these do not disappoint!  The flame is fabulous –  there’s a big thick wick!  Also, even though there are so many essential oils and scents involved in the candles they are actually SO subtle.  If you are sick during treatments, these will not be too over powering!

There’s a floral-fruity collection, a citrus collection and a spicy wood collection.  There is literally something for everyone!  If you are looking for a gift for someone going through a rough patch – I would highly recommend one of these candles!

Thank you Rebecca!


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