WEIGHT LOSS: Low Carb Eating / Keto Diet PART 1

I’ve been asked a few times recently about the Low Carb Diet (Keto, LCHF it has a few names) – how it works and how to do it.  To be honest, I don’t like to call this a diet because ‘dieting’ is something that has negative connotations for me.  I think diets are hard, leave you hungry and eventually you give up on them and put back on any weight on that you may have lost.

I consider Low Carb eating to be a lifestyle change, yes you will lose weight (and quite quickly if you go hard core) but when you reach your optimum weight you will actually want to continue to eat the way you have been! (I can pretty much guarantee that!) You won’t continue to lose weight, you won’t wither away to nothing – you will be full of energy and you will feel healthier! (I should also say if you start to add some starches like sweet potatoes back into your diet when you’re ready, you’re not going to pile the pounds back on either!)

Anyway, back to my point I’ve decided to do a few ‘diet’ related posts about eating Low Carb!

Here is a before and after I put up on Instagram recently, hopefully you can see the difference!

low carb before and after

So…If you’re looking to lose weight and, like me, you don’t have the patience for that gradual – takes-you-about-a-year-to-lose-it – type thing then this might be of interest to you!!

BUT WAIT:  My blog posts are not really for you if you are on medication for diabetes, medication for high blood pressure or you are breastfeeding as you will need to alter carb intake/medication to suit your situation and I can only tell you about things from my own personal experience!


Here’s a few reasons to choose low carb, if anything here appeals to you then go ahead and read my next post 🙂

Fast Results:  You have a bit of a belly or a bum or flabby arms and want to see weight-loss results quickly.  Quickly as in, if you are very strict on the carb intake you can see results within 2 weeks, or if you are not so strict you’ll see results in a month or two.

No calorie counting:  Unlike low-fat dieters, low-carb eaters don’t need to control portions or count calories.

No denying yourself of delicious food:  Once you get through the initial stage you will no longer crave carbs.  I never think about eating crisps or chocolate to snack – I love olives, cheese, chorizo, pickles etc.  Trust me you will begin to love delicious fresh food and never crave anything else!

Countless other health benefits: Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Control Sugar Cravings, Calm your stomach – (less bloating, cramps, gas etc), Normalise Blood Pressure, Reduce Acne, Increase physical endurance, Control Migraine, Control Epilepsy.  (You can read in detail about these benefits over on DIETDOCTOR – which is a site I find really, really helpful!)

If you’re interested in reading more, here is part 2.

Thanks for reading!

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