REVIEW: Ziaja Baby and Toddler Products


My kids were recently sent some products to trial from the Ziaja Baby range AND… I have to say we are really pleased with the results.

One of my kids (Devin) has problem skin, eczema specifically, which he’s had since he was a baby.  He used to bleed and end up with big cuts when he was younger but what he gets now is mild in comparison.  I’d like to say this is all down to our careful choice in the products we use on (and next to) his skin but I do believe it’s also partly down to him just growing out of it.

Having said that we still do need to be really careful about the products that we use, the regular baby washes (although they make your children smell delicious) are too harsh on his skin.  So, imagine our delight to find a new brand that doesn’t irritate his skin!  And you know what else?  IT’S ALL AFFORDABLE!  All of their products are priced €3.49 – €6.50!  Happy Days, a company that isn’t extorting money from desperate parents!  (Because yes, when your child is scratching themselves raw and bleeding you will buy something for €30 which may or may not work!)

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been trialling

Ziaja Baby Creamy Bath Soap (€3.49) [Suitable for 3months+]


This is a super product – it’s as gentle as water and hypoallergenic.  It also has a ‘tear free’ formula and this has been tested – they throw bubbles and water in each other’s faces in the bath and nobody got stingy eyes! Hurray.  Devin has had no flare ups at all either so it’s definitely doing what it says it does on the bottle.  Lastly, it has passed my own test.  I’ll always use kids products on my face and around my eyes. (as I have quite sensitive skin on the aul visage)  If it doesn’t sting or dry my skin out, it passes – this one passed.  It also smells lovely – it’s a really light fresh fragrance.

BONUS:  The packaging is ideal if you are planning to use this on your small baby as it has the pump dispenser – which is convenient when you only have one free hand!

Ziaja Baby Soothing Cream with D –Panthenol (€3.49) [Suitable for 1 year +]


First of all, this contains 10% D –Panthenol which is a really fab product for your skin – I won’t give another science lesson here but look it up yourself….and you’ll want to use this cream too!!  This is designed specifically for irritations on the skin.  Any little patches of irritated skin on Devin have been either kept nicely at bay or disappeared on using this cream.  It’s super hydrating and I’m telling you, I’m going to steal it from him!

Ziaja Baby Diaper Rash Ointment (€3.49) [Suitable from birth]


I am a huge fan of Sudocrem and Baby Powder – they’re an unbeatable combination.  I wasn’t convinced I’d be a convert with this product at all, but….it works too!!  Ashton (the other child) doesn’t really get nappy rash THAT bad (I also put this down to the products we use)… but he does sometimes get a little red.  I put the cream on him before bed and he woke up fine!  It contains zinc so that helps with the healing but the ointment also acts as a wet proof barrier so you can use it as a preventative as well!

 You can get these products online at Original Beauty or in store at pharmacies in Ireland.

So that’s it for the review!  As I said, the kiddos were sent these for free but I’ve been completely honest with you here and I’m 100% going to be purchasing more from this range.  LOVE!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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