REVIEW: Flormar Favourites

I recently attended a Flormar Makeup Masterclass hosted by the lovely Mark Rogers.  (If you’re not following him already, you need to – he’s hilarious and AMAZING at what he does.)  Anyway, I can’t tell you how happy I was leaving the event – I actually picked up some genuinely valuable makeup tips and the products which he showcased were incredible!  So… (and this is very unlike me as I spend a lot of time researching before I purchase ANYTHING) I pretty much bought them all – and not a shred of buyers remorse!

Here’s some important information: Firstly, Flormar work really hard to deliver really excellent products that we REALLY want at a low price point per unit – making the products super accessible to everyone without compromising the quality!  Secondly, Mark will not endorse a product which he doesn’t believe in (and we knew this because he straight up told us the Flormar products he DIDN’T love and used other brands during his tutorial which he was also recommending to us!)

With that said, lets take a look at these amazing products I picked up!

Illuminating Primer €9.95 (Dupe for Smashbox Photo Finish €34)

Flormar Illuminating Primer

Wow!  Just wow!

First off, here’s the back story:  I gave up on Primer.  I had tried and tested so many different ones and every single one was disastrous!  A list the length of my arm – oily, greasy, makeup slipping, rash, spots….you name it.  So, I stopped trying.  But THE MINUTE I saw this product applied on the model (Ellen), I knew I had to have it.

Illuminating sounds scary when you have oily skin or at the very least an oily T-zone.  That is not what this product does – it is a brightening product.  THEN, the fab part – this contains an ingredient which soaks up the excess oils in your skin and does this an action throughout the day – whaaatttt??! I’m in love!

Result:  You end up with airbrushed, glowing skin and makeup that stays in place all day!

Perfect Coverage Foundation €10.95 (Dupe for Estee Lauder’s Double Wear €40)

Flormar Perfect Coverage

The number one selling foundation in the world is Double Wear, no shock there.  Why?  Because it’s full coverage.  Why do other brands not do the same? Because it’s really expensive to produce.  But listen, Flormar have you covered!

The Perfect Coverage Foundation is a buildable makeup with a gorgeous finish.  It isn’t cakey the way that some of the fuller coverage drugstore brands can be and it isn’t drying on the skin either.  And…’s long wearing so forget touching that sh*t up!

Result:  A confident you from morning til night! Win!

Face and Body Bronzing Powder (€9.95)

Flormar Bronzing Powder

Here’s another little back story – similar to the last – bronzer and I have a bad history.  Contouring?  Forget it!  BUT I was shown a fab technique and a beautiful product and sure, I was a convert!

This product smells so lovely – it smells like holidays, as Mark put it!  It is HUGE too, it’s a 33g pan – so you get a major bang for your buck!  Not to mention that your brush will fit in there and pick up product evenly (for once).  This blends beautifully and doesn’t leave you with, what I can only describe as ‘those muddy looking marks on your face.’

Result:  Beautiful contouring and all over bronzing


Precious Curl Mascara

Flormar Precious Curl

Wow.  I had three mascaras on the go before this event.  All of them a version of Maybelline’s Great Lash…because that was my fave.  Well…I am 99% certain I have a new fave.

You can actually curl your eyelashes with this Precious Curl Mascara due to it’s custom-design brush and a formula similar to the semi-permanent lash curling done in salons!  A brush is super important in a mascara and this one is perfection.  You end up with perfectly formed, voluminous lashes and no clumping.  Beautiful.  Oh and zero fall out and it removes with no hassle at the end of the day!  If you take one thing from this review, PURCHASE THIS, I’m telling you now!!

Result:  Lashes for days!


Megahers Pharmacy are doing 20% off Flormar at the moment! (offer ends midnight tonight 15/10/2017)

Penneys stock Flormar now too! Happy Days!!

Or find your nearest stockist here


Thanks for reading 😉

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