Top Hair Trends 2017

I recently attended an event with Viviscal and Brown Sugar showcasing the Autumn/Winter hair trends for 2017.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll love hair so this was SO good to see.  Hair is such a great accessory – styling your hair can really put a whole look together.  Think about when you come out of the hair salon and you’re swooshing your hair around like you’re a million dollars singing ‘nails done, hair done, errthing done…’ y’know?  The wonderful thing is, it doesn’t matter what hair type you are – there is something fab you can do with yours!


I’m going to begin with my favourite looks.  I think I gravitate to these looks because I have a hair type that I know I can work with to recreate similar looks to these!

1. Raise the Volume (Inspo from the Chanel runway)


I love, love, LOVE this look.  This version is so wearable, it’s the modern beehive.  Add a head band or a touch of embellishment to some serious volume.  The guys at Brown Sugar recreated this look by prepping the hair with Viviscal Shampoo and Conditioner (which btw achieves thicker looking hair after just one use), then backcombed the style section by section and topped with a thin headband.  This is by far my favourite look and is totally achievable!

2.  The Natural Side Parting (Seen at: Lanvin, Hermès, Louis Vuitton)


I found this to be absolutely stunning.  I immediately thought of my sister with this look as she as has naturally wavy hair but without the tufts of cray that I do around the sides of my face.  This look is achieved using the Viviscal Shampoo and Conditioner then tong or GHD some soft waves into the hair and use the Viviscal Elixir to smooth flyaways and split ends.

3. Loose Waves/Curls (Seen at: Dior, Fendi, Nina Ricci)


I think I love this so much because I’ve just been loving loose curls myself lately.  (Anything to convince myself I’m on trend!) Spring/Summer was all about tight curls but picture this with your big scarf and wool coat!  This look was achieved using the Gorgeous Growth package and curling wand.

4.  The Regal PonyViviscal

Okay, serious hair envy here.  I do not have the type of hair needed to achieve this look but it’s one that I see year after year that is just so beautiful.  This is another super wearable look which I think draws me to it.  Brown Sugar achieved this using the super light weight Viviscal Shampoo and Conditioner and tamed flyaways with the Viviscal Elixir.  

5.  The Wet Look:  (Seen at:  Sportmax, Wanda Nylon, Giambattista Valli)


Sorry, there’s no close up of this one!  To achieve this look, a craaazy amount of the Viviscal Elixir is used.  The wet look concept was seen on the S/S 17 runways where hair was perfectly straight and lacquered.  We’re set to see new heights (pun, hehe) with this trend this season, with more relaxed ends and added height.

6. Acid Hair (Seen on: Gucci, Versace, Jimmy Scott)


I wish I had the balls to do this at my age!  I’ve a pink pigment Lee Stafford sent me that’s been in my wardrobe for a year – I just can’t do it!  This Acid Hair trend is insane right now, from bright yellow to electric blue – when it comes to colour – anything goes!  For this look though, the guys prepped and sleeked the hair using Viviscal and then used some clip in pink extensions – they really did the job!

7. Braids (Seen at: Balmain, Andrew GN, Saint Laurent)


The Tribal look is big this season but this is a little more tame than some of the dreadlocks we saw on a few of the runways!  Braids are fab, but I’m shocking at them – cannot braid to save my life.  Just as well though because I look like a complete twat when I wear them!  This look was completed and perfected with the help of the Viviscal Elixir  helping to tame the little flyaways around the braids.

8. Crimping


Lastly, crimping is back!  This is a look I like to see (especially when it is done as gorgeously as this) but I wouldn’t like to see on myself, y’know! (Picture the Lion King)  If you have straight and fine hair this is a look for you!  Stunningly achieved here by prepping the hair using the Viviscal Range. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it.  I’m currently trying the Viviscal range myself and I’ve even been trialing some of these looks too!  I may or may not be brave enough to show you those but I will certainly be updating you on my Viviscal journey!

Thanks for reading! X

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