REVIEW: Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin – Perfect skin in three days!

It’s always hard to try a product that you’ve never heard anything about and especially if it is new to the market.  Have no fear!  That’s what I’m here for, I’ve tried and tested the Proaura Vitamin C Serum and I’m bloody happy about it!

As always, I’ll be very honest in this review and I’ll start by saying the outer packaging isn’t great.  Now, sometimes I find this on perfumes too where the box literally makes it look counterfeit.  But listen, every company starts somewhere and the promises of the Proaura Serum (y’know, that it works within three days!!) outweighed all – I had to give it a go, and I’m so glad I did!

Proaura Vitamin C Face Serum with Astaxanthin

What is it?
So, the full name of the product is the ‘Proaura Vitamin C Face Serum with Astaxanthin’.  I hear ya!  Asta-what now?  Well, I did my research and Astaxanthin is basically a powerhouse antioxidant which is usually taken in supplement form.  It’s been proven to be 60 times stronger than Vitamin C in its antioxidant powers and has a whole range of benefits to the body BUT (and this is important) it is also super great for the skin!  Astaxanthin claims to help improve skin moisture levels, elasticity and smoothness while reducing wrinkles, freckles and spots, so it’s not hard to understand why people add this to their skincare routine via supplements.

The Proaura Serum ingredient list also includes the usual faves – Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid which we know give us great skin brightening and moisturising effects.

What the box says
– Boosts immune system & promotes healthy skin
– Helps improve elasticity
– Brightens pigmentation and moisturises deep
– Rapidly absorbed formula
– Formula is hypoallergenic, paraben-free & fragrance-free

What I thought

Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin

Ok, so you already know I wasn’t the biggest fan of the outer packaging but to be honest, I was able to get over that very quickly once I started using the product!

The Proaura Vitamin C serum is in a dark, opaque glass bottle with a pipette.  This actually works well, firstly they have it right in terms of the ingredient list (here’s an article all about the best packaging to preserve your skincare products) and secondly there’s a lot more control dispensing the right amount of product than there is in a pump.  (Don’t forget it gives the feeling of a professional treatment, haha!)

The Serum
The serum is orange in colour and in every way makes you believe it’s going to smell like oranges.  But it’s fragrance free!  Let me explain further, when you apply it to your skin it appears oily, then suddenly beneath your fingers it feels sticky (oranges, right?) … this lasts all of about 30 seconds until it absorbs into your skin.  You feel an immediate tightening and then you are left with super smooth skin – it’s a face lift in a bottle!!  Here are some photos showing how it appears oily but then is immediately absorbed to reveal perfection!!


I definitely feel a difference.  I absolutely noticed immediate results in the first few days, so this ‘3 day promise’ is not a lie.  I’m genuinely happier with the overall appearance of my skin and that is saying something!  I’m excited to continue using this and see how it works longer term for dark spots and wrinkles!

*Disclaimer:  I was sent this product for free to trial.  I was under no obligation to review it and often times I don’t review when I don’t like the product!  But everything I have said here is 100% genuine and I do hope you will try it too!!  Big round of applause for Proaura!!

As always, thanks so much for reading!! 😉

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