REVIEW: The Great Wood, Blanchardstown

The Great Wood is a Wetherspoon Pub in Blanchardstown.  We went there with a couple of friends on the weekend and OH MY GOD I’ve been raving about it ever since.  My only regret is that I didn’t have dinner there too!  (We actually went to Nando’s for dinner, haha)The Great Wood Wetherspoon BlanchardstownI suppose the main reason I’m talking about it here now, is because before we went I was looking up places to go and I had planned to NOT go to Wetherspoon’s as I had read a bad review!  Luckily my friend convinced me otherwise!  Also, since finding out how great it is, I’ve discovered there’s actually very little about it online – so I figured I’d be doing someone a favour, haha!

The Great Wood Wetherspoon BlanchardstownFirst thing is that the atmosphere was amazing!  There was a great buzz, the decor was perfect (the lighting and amount of space is really nice, no claustrophobia) – and of course, I didn’t feel like an aul wan (y’know?)!

IMG_1152The second thing (and lets face it probably most important thing) was the pricing!  The drinks are hella cheap there!  They have countless beers, ales and ciders and most of them are less than €3.  If you want a known brand like Heineken, I think you’ve to dig deep and fork out €3.50 (WHAT?!  I don’t even get those prices in the shticks!)  I didn’t drink wine but I did see a Monday deal for €3.10.  So ladies, if Monday is your Friday you know where to go!  There were shots and other things too, I could be wrong but I think the boys were getting two Jager Bombs for €5!  It’s unheard of, haha!The Great Wood Wetherspoon BlanchardstownSo there you have it, if you’re looking for an affordable evening out in Dublin 15, you know where to go!  The next thing for me is to try the food but I am told it’s fab!

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 *Disclaimer:  Two of these photos are from The Great Wood’s Facebook page!

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