HAUL: Dealz Photo Frames

Home Haul

I say Haul but it’s actually pretty mini, just a few photo frames I picked up in Dealz!  I recently printed off a load of photos using Aldi Photos (which by the way, I had never heard of until it popped up on my Google search) but yes, I decided I’ll pick up cheap and cheerful frames/albums along the way and do actual THINGS with my photos for once!  Which takes me back to my point – I’ve bought a few photo frames in Dealz!

OH, PLEASE NOTE:  I had no idea what the hell I was doing when I got the photos printed so they are odd sizes for photo frames…so don’t judge me for getting a little bit ‘creative’ haha.

As you probably know, Dealz is amazeballz and everything in there is €1.50 (unless priced otherwise).  I could literally spend at least an hour in that shop (although, some of the stores aren’t as great as others!)  It’s a great place for anything to do with the house – kitchen stuff, kids stuff, cleaning products, cute little decor bits – you just can’t go wrong!

  So, ramble over, here we go:

Dealz Photo Frame

This two pack of white photo frames was €1.50.  Now, obviously these aren’t the best quality frames, as I said I just want cheap and cheerful.  The frames are 4″x 6″  and 5″x 7″  (I also picked up the 8″x 10″ separately)

Dealz Photo Frame


This peg photo frame is so cute!  I think this was Noel’s favourite too.  It’s a shame it’s not bigger, but I got away with using the square photos.  I put it on the fireplace but it can also be hung.

        Peg Photo Frame

IMG_1132 (2)

Lastly, I got these copper tone frames.  These aren’t actually on the website at the minute so I’m not sure if that means they aren’t widely available.  Anyway, again it’s a two pack for €1.50 so I’m sure you know what to expect!  If you have a copper colour scheme or rustic theme going on in your home – these are a cute addition!

Copper Tone Photo Frame

I love Dealz and I love cute things, so if you’ve found something recently that isn’t on the website – let me know!

As always, thanks for reading! 😉



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