LIFE UPDATE: Where have we been?

So the last time I posted about my life, I had a 6 week old baby.  He’s now 21 months.  In one way it feels like that was only a few short months ago because I’ve had so little time with him, I feel like he should still only be a baby! On the other hand, reality hits and that was SO long ago…he’s had 86 more weeks since then!  Just look!


Devin has also grown so much, he’s so fantastic.  He’s so clever and sweet and the best big brother.  (I obviously think this because I am his mother, but I am pretty sure it’s 100% true)  He’ll start school in September and I am so glad I’ll be around more to be a part of that.  In the update I wrote after Ashton was born I talked about Devin in a way that still gives me a lump in my throat.  It’s weird though because if it weren’t for those diaries I would never remember he’d felt that way.  All that is such a distant memory now – for Devin there is no life without Ashton.  They are chalk and cheese but they are the best of friends and it’s all thanks to Devin.  If I have another child I’ll be lucky if Ashton is even half as accepting!  (Fat chance!)


What have I been doing?  Well when Ashton was 8 weeks old he and Devin went to a new creche close to my home, part time, while I continued what I was doing in College.  Devin, being old enough to talk and tell me how he was feeling, indicated that he hadn’t responded well to the new place – no reflection on the setting, I just knew that it wasn’t right for my kids.

So, when the time came for me to return full time to work – Ashton was 5 months – I moved them both to Devin’s old creche – a place I trusted 100% and had nothing but good experiences with.  They made life so, so much easier for me.  I feel actual LOVE for the girls in there.  They were always so good to the boys, they kept them so happy.  If I’m honest, taking them out of there in the end was one of the most heart breaking decisions I’ve ever made.  On the one hand, I will get more time with my children, on the other I wonder will I do as good a job as the girls had been doing for them!  (Oh and for anyone who shits all over the whole creche thing, maybe you haven’t found the right one, maybe you’ve only experienced large chains but I am telling you, there are good people out there who genuinely love kids and will be the next best thing when you can’t be around!)

My last post may have made it sound like I’m depressed, with my whole ‘soul searching’ thing.  That’s not the case, it probably could have gone that way if I was still where I was a month ago but I’m already so much happier and I’m loving life!

So there’s the short(ish) update, hopefully you’ll see me here more often now because I genuinely missed this part of my life!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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