6 Week Postpartum Update

6 week post partum

The blog has been neglected as I’ve been entirely focused on YouTube for the month of December!  I did daily vlogs every day until Christmas – I didn’t have enough to be stressing myself with already!  It’s funny how I managed that but I can’t seem to update the blog often enough any more at all.

Anyway back to the update!  Ashton is amazing!  I still just lose my breath sometimes looking at him when I realise how much I love him.  You think your love will be divided when you have another baby but it just multiplies!

Here he is at birth:


We’ve been off to a rocky start with feeding.  This time though, I have made use of the breastfeeding support group, the AMAZING public health nurses in my area and I was even lucky enough to talk to quiz a lactation consultant about everything I needed to know.  I am so grateful for this.  I’ve toed and froed about whether to talk about this or not, and I’m still not sure I’m ready to yet.  I have spent hours crying over the whole thing.

Here’s him at 3 weeks, with strange wrinkly arms 😉 :

3 Weeks

Anyway, despite all of this feeding shtuff, Ashton is thriving.   He weighed over 5Kg at his 6 week checkup which delighted me and has been gaining weight well each week.  The fact that he’s managing to thrive has been so encouraging for me and really made me persevere with the feeding.

  As for me, I’m doing well.  I gained nearly 20Kg in my pregnancy and FYI, I haven’t lost it!  I wont be dieting or starving myself though, lol. Unfortunately sleep deprivation and eating a tonne of crap seem to go hand in hand for me!  I’m not going to lie, nobody is happy about a jelly belly! I wish my ass and tummy were gone and I do bawl over it occasionally – but it’ll be a while until that is a priority!


My hormones are in check most of the time, but something definitely happened at 6 weeks causing them to go a little out of whack.  I’m hoping my pituitary pretends it’s normal for a while now so I don’t have to start the medication too soon! Fingers crossed!

That’s the baby/momma update for now, more in a few weeks.


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