Labour and Delivery Story Part 1: Signs of Labour


I’m going to be doing my Labour and Delivery Story in two parts – the first is this ‘Signs of Labour’ post – to help answer the old ‘How do I know if I’m in Labour?’

Even though this was my second baby, I was asking myself for weeks what the little niggles and pains were!  I was on blogs and forums all the time trying to find out if other people had experienced the same things – because part of you worries too, that maybe something is going wrong!

So, here it is…my ‘Signs of Labour’ oh…and I explain it in a little video down below too!


So the signs started at 36 Weeks for me.  First off, I was an Emotional wreck – I was crying SO much and when there’s no hormones I’m pretty good at holding my shit together – it takes a lot to upset me!  And I’m not just talking about seeing a soppy ad or reading a horrible story about kids/babies… I’d be sitting doing assignments or something and all of a sudden I would burst into tears and do some big fat ugly crying!  I’d be thinking about Devin and worrying about him when the baby arrived and worrying about how I was going to cope – basically just being a big ball of tears.  So, the first sign is out of character emotions – more than the usual preggo tears!


At 36 weeks and four days – period like cramping started – along with strong Braxton Hicks.  I had Braxton Hicks from very early on, but it really intensified around this time.  The next night there was a burning sensation in my abdomen too…I was also feeling REALLY intense pressure… (pushing me apart kind of pressure).  I didn’t remember anything like this from the first time so I just had no clue what was going on.  Of course, I worried about the baby being in distress too!

Over the weekend, it eased off and then about a week later 37+4 days it started again but this time it was actually painful…

The next day was my 38 week check up so I asked them to screen me for a UTI, but it was clear.  The pressure was quite intense at this stage too.  The doctor said baby’s head was engaged…but not fully.

Heartburn at 38 Weeks

Heartburn was back with a vengeance.  It was literally burning from my throat to stomach any time I ate or drank  – even water hurt.  Gaviscon didn’t help.  So my cravings, (S+V Rice cakes and Ice), were out the window and I completely stopped having them.

Nesting at 38 Weeks

During week 38 I also became obsessed with cleaning the bathroom – I deep cleaned it three days in a row – and I actually remember when I was pregnant with Devin doing the same thing but I don’t know how pregnant I was!  Anyway a week before giving birth – serious cleaning!


At the 39 week check up (38+5days) they basically said the pains I’d been feeling were my body trying to get things going – but I needed to squat into the pains – go for walks – and try and get things started rather than lying down to ease the pain!   Unfortunately …. Because I had too much amniotic fluid they were unsure about whether he would be able to get down to actually hit the cervix…I had polyhydramnios which is too much amniotic fluid, and it CAN make it hard for baby to get into position.

They booked me in for a scan the next week and they said they would need to start thinking about a plan to get baby out!

Encouraging Labour

That evening I went for a short walk with Noel and Devin down by the sea…and the next day we went for a walk in the mountains and had a little picnic…I squatted into pains and did what I was told.

The next day, Sunday when I was exactly 39 weeks is when everything kicked off.  That will be part 2!  There’s also some video from the delivery room!

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