❄️Gift Guide❄️:Budget Beauty Buys from Aldi

Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!  I absolutely LOVE Christmas time, I love seeing the trees up in the shopping centres, the Christmas music playing, the lights, the food, the yummy hot drinks, the delicious candles, the cosy PJs…and the look on people’s face when you nailed it with their gift!  (I’m going to help you achieve that last one with this post!)

I’m not going to lie, even though I love it…Christmas can be stressful!  In fact this year, we’re doing Kris Kindle with my family to try and remove some of the stress.  Whether it’s not having time or it’s financial strain – Christmas is not supposed to be stressful, you’re supposed to be happy!  If you’re worrying about not being able to spend a lot this Christmas then these picks from Aldi might be what you need!

These are some of the Irish Aldi Special Buys starting on 22 November 2015…

Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer €18.99

Remington Hair Dryer

Obviously I’m starting with hair!  We know I am a little fussy when it comes to hair and we can say that my opinion on all things hair can definitely be trusted!  I’ve said it so many times, every girl (boy with unruly hair) needs a good, powerful hair dryer – you just cannot achieve a good blow dry without the right tools!  I use an ETI salon hairdryer myself which set me back a fair whack, but this Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer is a better spec and only a fraction of the price at €18.99!  And if it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry…it comes with a 2 Year Warranty!!


Micro-conditioning grille reduces colour fade and prolongs beautiful colour compared to a standard ceramic coating.

  • 2200W
  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-free styles
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • Includes Concentrator Nozzle and Hanging Loop

Facial Cleanser €15.99

Aldi Facial Cleanser

This is Aldi’s answer to the Clarisonic, only it won’t set you back €200!  I use a Braun version which I absolutely love, but once again…this one has some added extras that I’m a little envious of!  It’s not just a cleansing brush – it includes 6 attachments (2 Brushes, Sponge, Wrinkle Reducer and Facial Massage.

I use my cleansing brush once a week and it makes such a difference – my skin is clearer and makeup sits SO much better when I’ve used it.  This will put a smile on any girl’s face!

Caviar Illumination Gift Set €17.99

Caviar Illumination

(In December, the sell-out Caviar Illumination Range returns to stores!!)

Please note: Due to the popularity of the Gift Set only two will be sold per person.

This stuff is inspired by the La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection – the high end brand which ALSO contains caviar! Only, the Aldi version is missing the eye-watering price tag – La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream retails at €378 for a 50ml tub.  Aldi’s Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream is €8.99!

Caviar Illumination

Apparently it is a pretty good dupe!  Skeptical?  Don’t be…read this Beauty Editor’s review.  She tests both products and tells all!

The Caviar Illumination Gift Set includes a 50ml Caviar Day Cream SPF 15; a 50ml Caviar Night Cream; a 3ml Day Intensive Treatment and a 3ml Night Intensive Treatment.  It’s a pamper session in a box!

Image Cred: Marie Claire

Image Credit: Marie Claire

This is absolutely going to sell out this Christmas, so make sure you are in to buy it the day it hits Irish stores! (December 17th!)

Hope this post has given some inspo for gift-giving on a budget!  Thanks for reading! 😉

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