Update: Week 40 – Baby Came Early!


I had the baby!  We named him Ashton.  He arrived a week early – I was actually in labour when I was writing last week’s bump update!    I wanted to finish up my bump updates, this is also a diary for me to look back on and I want to remember how I felt this week so I’m going to do week 40 now!  I tried to film this but I was just too emotional and it was messy!

I will be doing a labour/birth story later but for now, here’s how the week has been…

It’s hard to know where to begin.  This week has been an emotional rollercoaster – mainly highs of extreme happiness and love – but some sadness for Devin.  Such a big, big change for him…and he is the BIGGEST sweetheart in the world, so he doesn’t even tell me he’s sad!  I’ve seen him a couple of times this week though, just become completely overwhelmed with everything – and it breaks my heart because I love him so much it hurts.  For the most part though, he is ABSOLUTELY delighted with the new addition.  Every morning he comes into my room and climbs into the bed just to stare at his little brother.  When baby cries Devin drops what he’s doing and runs to comfort him.  The only thing he doesn’t like is the poops and the umbilical cord (which has now fallen off!)


Recovery has been slow for me this time, I’ve had a lot of pain and haven’t been able to do much.  Which I just didn’t even think about before the birth…as it wasn’t an issue the last time.  I have quite the bump still [so this IS technically a bump update ;)] – which didn’t happen first time round either.  I’m breast feeding again so I spent several days getting through the engorgement and blocked ducts….etc.



Noel was off work with me for the week and was just the most amazing support ever!  He did about 18 loads of washing, cooked every meal, brought endless cups of tea and snacks to me, fed/bathed/dressed/entertained Devin, got up in the middle of the night to change nappies, gave me time to shower TWICE daily and have Sitz baths – (and not a peep out of either child could be heard) and he hoovered and cleaned every day….Oh and he basically got NO SLEEP.  I am just so lucky – he has been the absolute best husband and best father.  I can’t believe it’s possible that I keep loving him more and more as time goes on.  So anyway, by Sunday I was actually pretty ready to start a week without Noel being around – and it’s all thanks to him.

Ashton has been an absolute dream – he sleeps A LOT (I ask myself if it’s too much) – and he feeds really well too.  He’s also SO CUTE – he looks just like Devin did.  He absolutely HATES getting his nappy changed and it’s the only time he full on cries.  He LOVES the shower though and gets great skin to skin time with his daddy then – something else Devin loved too.


I am absolutely over the moon, I love my family of four – sometimes I just catch myself grinning because I’m just thinking how blessed I feel.  The worries and anxieties I had – when I found out I was pregnant, throughout the pregnancy, before the birth – they seem so distant now, I can’t even believe I was ever worried at all.

So that’s it for the Bump Updates…as I said I will be talking about the labour and birth too at a later stage, so keep and eye out if you’re interested in that bit!

Thanks for reading. 😉

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