What’s in my Hospital Bag(s)?

Hello!  So I have got my hospital bags ready and I put together my ‘What’s in my Hospital Bag’ videos – it’s about time, as I’m 39 weeks pregnant!  I really have been relying on YouTube so much this time around, I found the Hospital Bag videos so helpful and I am obsessed with watching Labour and Delivery vlogs too.  You learn so so so much and I just wish I had known the power of YouTube the first time around -haha!

Anyway, I really wanted to make my own…I just think it’s helpful to see what other people pack and why…I picked tips (like a laundry bag) along the way and I’m paying it forward.

Below are my Whats in my Hospital Bag videos…. Part 1 is for Baby and Part 2 is for me!  Hopefully someone will find them helpful!

Thanks for watching 😉

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Hospital Bag(s)?

  1. The clear pocket folder–yep–that’s a good idea. Man, they give you a lot of paperwork. I remember dumping all of it on our dining room table when we got home and thinking, “When are we going to get through all of this?” Goodness.


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