FREE Pregnancy Gift Bag from eumom!

eumom free gift bag

I absolutely love this bag from, it’s jam packed full of things for you to try out and more than likely re-purchase too!  There’s also some extremely handy bits to pop in your baby’s hospital bag!  So…I thought I’d do a little post for expecting mamas in Ireland to explain how you can get your hands on this bag of goodies too…

eumom free gift bag

‘The eumom free gift bag is created just for you to celebrate your pregnancy journey.’  All you have to do is sign up to and you can either print off your voucher or use your phone to show your voucher code in your nearest SuperValu store.  (You are actually supposed to get a little card in the maternity hospital’s too but my hospital never gave me a welcome pack!) is a great site to sign up to, especially for first time moms because it’s a great community to be a part of.  First of all there are birth clubs – I’m still a member of the October 2012 birth club, because those moms still have a child my age and we are all going through things together at more or less the same time.  Other moms are great for tips and advice – childhood illnesses, breastfeeding, laundry tips, starting school, sleeping habits, fussy eaters… you name it they talk about it!

There is also all sorts of advice pre-pregnancy (fertility and getting pregnant) and during the pregnancy too – and not just from moms – from experts too.

As well as all that there is always competitions and events (like coffee and play mornings) being organised by eumom!

So… for all these reasons it’s a great site to sign up to AND you get a free gift bag to celebrate your pregnancy journey – what’s not to love?!

Visit for more


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