Bump Update: 34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks

Growing Bump

I’m actually nearly 35 weeks at this stage, but we’ll just go with 34 weeks for now!   I think baby has had another major growth spurt in the last couple of weeks as my bump has grown quite a bit.  I notice it most in terms of my proximity to things – like the sink while I brush my teeth, my desk as I sit down, sitting at the kitchen table… the space I’m used to giving myself is no longer enough!

34 Weeks

Not going to change hospital after all…

I decided to stick with my hospital – better the Devil you know and all that.  I just figure I know the way they do things there, where to go and stuff and my anxiety levels are high enough without having to deal with a big change.  At my last appointment (33 weeks), they finally took my initial history and informed me that I should have been told already to attend antenatal classes.  Hmmmm….

I don’t want to go to antenatal classes this time, I found that they added to my anxieties in the end the last time.  I’m really getting a LOT of tips and advice from blogs and YouTube – I actually wish I had discovered them before I had Devin I would have done a lot of things differently!

How I feel…cravings and all that jazz…

In terms of how I’m feeling – I am pretty tired lately.  I miss my 2nd Trimester energy – the cleaning!!  I actually have loads of things to be getting done but between college, the (almost) 3 year old and the ever growing bump…I just don’t have the energy!!

My ‘cravings’….are ice … majorly loving the ice right now.  It’s definitely something to do with the crunching or the texture/feeling on my teeth … like the sponges last time!  The other thing… which I thought I would NEVER eat again after my last pregnancy….Tesco Salt and Vinegar Rice Cakes.  OH.MY.GOD!  I just love these so much, I just lick all the flavour off them and eat the hideous leftover bit of cardboard….and repeat until the whole packet is empty.  I have little blisters on my tongue from this…. but the ice helps! 😉

That time we nearly thought I was in labour…

I’ve had Braxton Hicks since quite early in the pregnancy and it isn’t painful but it IS uncomfortable.

ANYWAY….the other night I sat down to eat my dinner and suddenly I had REALLY bad pains.  I was starving so I started eating…and then they were worse….and I kept eating (I like my food)…but immediately after finishing, I lay down on the couch.

Devin was in bed, it was late…the pains were just getting worse.  Noel asked if I needed to go to hospital.  Definitely not…it’s something, but it’s not labour! I just needed to figure out what was going on.  I could feel the Braxton Hicks with every pain and I could feel baby moving down so there was real pelvic pressure too…but I knew it was just the baby moving.

Noel started Googling and convinced himself I was in labour.  After a while he started to convince me too…I said: ‘I cannot be in labour right now, my hospital bag isn’t ready… my hair is dirty… my toenails are not painted and I have old patchy tan on me!’  He didn’t react well to that….something about just because I’m not ready doesn’t mean the baby isn’t.

Well I went to bed and the pain was there ALL NIGHT coming in waves.  I decided if it was still bad I would call the hospital at 6am.  By 6 am I wasn’t sure, I felt like it was passing.  I didn’t call.  So, I went through the day and it eventually passed.  I have NO CLUE what it was…. but the lesson here is… I need to pack my hospital bag!  So I’ll be getting that done next week I think!

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading! x

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