Bump Update: 30 Weeks Pregnant (This actually just a big RANT!)

 30 Weeks Pregnant
The last update I did was for 23 weeks! Do you know, I have tried so many times to write a new update but I just get SO RANTY!  I suppose that’s to do with the fact that I am massively unhappy with the maternity hospital I am attending.

I’m at the point where I am saying ‘shit, only ten weeks left’ because I am getting closer and closer to having to go in there and experience labour! I keep saying I might just stay at home!

This is the same hospital I had my first baby in and when people asked me after, I had recommended they choose a different hospital as I had not had a great experience. During labour, what I was saying was ignored for the most part and they made me feel like I had no idea what I was talking about or how I should have been feeling. That’s a whole other story, but after the birth, I was treated like a complete imbecile. For a start I couldn’t pee, but they kept telling me to drink water and it would make me able to go. After a couple of litres of water they actually TOOK Devin from me and told me to go to the toilet. I could hear babies crying everywhere, I didn’t even know my own babies cry yet and I was being forced to sit in the toilet? I had pains up my back and in my sides from how full my bladder was. Screw that, I got up walked out and told them to give me back my baby and get me a catheter. The nurse used the catheter as a threat, it would extend the time I would have to stay in the hospital – as if that was going to make me say ‘oh, right, well NOW I can pee.’ They put the catheter in and I filled the bag immediately.
‘Oh, you really did need to go.’

27 Weeks

(27 Weeks, I’ve been pretty much the same size for a few weeks!)

Well it’s similar enough this time around. Except now I’m being ignored on my antenatal visits. I went to see the midwife in my GPs office a couple of weeks ago. I gave her a list of the problems I’ve been having, including the varicose veins, the shaking baby, the extreme shortness of breath, the pains etc. She was concerned enough to recommend I ring the hospital straight away. This is what they said on the phone:
‘Well you need a referral letter if the GP thinks your care is our responsibility.’
I told her I didn’t have one and I told her again what I had been told. (She still hadn’t asked what the concerns were). Then she told me I should come in to casualty.
On arrival, I told them that I could feel baby moving and the midwife had heard a strong heartbeat earlier and that was not an issue. I was there as it had been recommended that the baby be assessed due to the shaking issue. Also, as there was a concern about possible clotting they had sent me to the hospital regarding the veins.
Long story short, they did none of the above. The baby was not assessed. They said ‘I don’t know what that is,’ about the shaking. They gave me below the knee compression stockings, without looking at my legs and said they didn’t do the ones that go above the knee but I should go to Marks and Spencer and get some leg support tights. Marks and Spencer don’t do these for preggos – I checked.

LAST WEEK, the doctor asked me if I had started feeling the baby moving yet. At 29 weeks. Have I started feeling the baby moving yet?  Also, when I told him about the massive throbbing veins – ‘pregnant women get them.’  Ok, go f*ck yourself Doctor DICKHEAD!

Now, tell me, am I being totally nuts here? My experience each week has been pretty much the same, a colossal waste of time.  If I move to a different hospital am I going to feel better? Am I going to feel like they actually CARE about the baby and me?

I don’t know, let me know. What Dublin Maternity hospital did you attend and what were your experiences?
Anyway, sorry it’s a bit different…I had to get my little rant off my chest as this is how I’ve been feeling for the past month!

Thanks for reading! X

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