Favourite Make Up Brushes

Favourite Make Up Brushes


Today I’m talking about my ‘go to’ everyday make up brushes.  I am absolutely in love with these brushes and I actually purchased most of them on SimplyFoxy  because they had an AMAZING deal on Real Techniques brushes – better than half price!  Since using these though, I have realised that using good quality brushes makes such a difference and if, like me, you use them pretty much every day then it’s worth the price!

Ok, back to the point of this post… my favourite brushes!  (I did actually clean my brushes before this post, but I ended up using a few of them before taking pics! Ooops!)

Real Techniques

As you can see from the photo above, all my brushes are from Real Techniques!   Sam and Nic are just gorgeous and lovely, if you haven’t been on the website already you need to go check it out – they have loads of tips and tricks on how to use their brushes, which ones are right for you and how to apply your make up!


Real Techniques

I use a THIS powder foundation, so I use this Duo-Fibre Powder Brush to apply it.  It is so comfortable on the skin, easy to use and picks up just the right amount of product.  Too often I find brushes pick up too much product and I end up looking like I’m wearing camo cream!


Real Techniques

I use this Cheek Brush for blush.  Again, the shape of the brush and the bristles are perfect, which allows it to give a really subtle look.  There’s no chance of looking like a seven year old that got into mommy’s make up!


Real Techniques

This is one of the Real Techniques originals, the Foundation Brush.  The blender is just one of the cheap ones which I also picked up on Simply Foxy.  I use this brush for a really picture perfect look with liquid foundation (if I’m doing something at night) BUT I also use it for concealer!  I found out by accident that it is REALLY good for blending my liquid concealer with my powder foundation!  If I want to use liquid foundation for a day time look I will usually just use a damp blender sponge.


Real Techniques

These three brushes are from the Nic’s Picks set.

Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color

Angled shadow brush (set exclusive): perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease

 Eyeliner brush (set exclusive): I use this brush for brows!  It’s perfect for them and works so well as it is firm and has an angled head!

So, those are my favourites!  I thought I’d share!  Thanks for reading! x


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