Bump Update: 22 – 23 Weeks Pregnant (SEVERE Baby Brain Episode)

22 - 23 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve been without internet for the past few weeks and I used the monthly data allowance on my phone in the first week, so I’ve been a little out of touch!  So, this week is another two week update!

Bump isn’t that much bigger, I feel like the big growth spurt was a couple of weeks ago.  People are more comfortable to say things to me now, ‘when are you due?’, ‘ahh, your bump is lovely’ …the usual…without the fear of me saying ‘ WHAT?! I’m NOT pregnant!’

23 Weeks Pregnant

Morning sickness almost  passed, the true sign that I’m grand – I can drink coffee!!  (I know I’m not supposed to, but at least I didn’t say I’m doing heroin!  Silver lining lads!)

Baby brain is a problem.  Seriously, baby brain is a legitimate thing.  The more pregnancies you’ve had, the stupider you get.  I hear it takes a while to recover from subsequent bouts of baby brain too – years.  My sister’s birthday was on April 3rd, it is now the middle of July and the bloody birthday present is still in my possession!  WTF!  I’ve seen her countless times, she knows I have it and I just cannot seem to remember to give it to her.  My birthday even happened in between!  I moved house and took it with me for God’s sake!  We live in the same bloody town!

22 Weeks Pregnant

It gets SO much worse though.  Here’s what happened this week.  We’ve just moved house.  If you aren’t aware, in Ireland there is a system where you pay monthly fees to a company to come and pick your rubbish bins up each week.  We needed to order these bins when we moved and they just arrived this week, so we now have two bins sitting outside our house.  Ok scene is set, so this week I was driving home, parked up the car and looked in front of me to see FOUR bins.  ‘Who the hell owns those other two bins?!’ I thought.  I couldn’t park my car there or they wouldn’t be able to take their bins out/get their rubbish in.  I looked closely at my bins, the company who delivered them obviously decided to swap them while I was gone for older, crappier looking bins.  I was getting more and more annoyed by the second.  Mid eye-roll I spotted the house number on the door…..I was parked two doors down from my house!  THAT is how thick I am these days!

What else is going on this week?  Oh the varicose / spider veins!  Seriously, what am I going to do about this?  If someone has a trick or can help or console me in anyway, please do!  I went swimming with Devin this week and it was the first time in SO LONG that I’ve been self-conscious in my swimsuit. 😦  I’d obviously become quite comfortable and accepting of my body until these feckers came along!  HELP!

I think that’s it really.  I’m sort of starting to get quite tired again, that may or may not be work related … we’ll see!

Thanks for reading! x

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