REVIEW: L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation

L'oreal True Match

I’ve started using L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation and I am loving it!  I decided to switch to a mineral powder because my pregnancy is making my skin super spotty.  Ok, that’s actually a complete exaggeration…my pregnancy is making my skin more prone to acne and hyper-pigmentation.  SO, along with starting to use various spot fighting gels and remedies – I have switched my makeup!

What it is:

This is a mineral foundation, which basically means it doesn’t contain a whole load of extra additives that can irritate some people’s skin!  It also allows your skin to ‘breathe’, doesn’t clog pores and protects the skin.  If you have sensitive or acne prone skin you probably want to try a mineral makeup…although it is suitable for ALL skin types!

It is also a powder but don’t be fooled, this stuff can give a full coverage flawless finish as well as being perfect for everyday wear.  The powder matches your skin tone and texture.

L'oreal True Match

The packaging is pretty handy as the lid is actually a kabuki brush although I like to use my own brush with it.  The bristles are a little bit prickly though and the brush picks up a lot of product, which either results in a lot of wastage OR really full coverage.  It’s good for travelling or if you want to stick it in your handbag for a touch up on a hot day!

What I thought:


I’ve already said it, I love this foundation!  I find that it gives the perfect coverage.  You can swish on a little bit in the areas where you need less coverage and build it up where you feel you need more.  For a more ‘perfected’ look, I wear a BB under the powder.

Here’s my before and afters for everyday coverage…in my defense, it’s early morning in the ‘before’ and I had very little sleep!!

L'oreal True Match

I would always need to set liquid foundations with a powder or I would be really shiny…so this is just perfection for me.  Also as it is naturally water resistant it survives the crazy Irish weather too – heat waves, rain storms …everything!

There has also been an improvement in my skin as I am experiencing less breakouts! *Thumbs up*


I think it kind of clings to fine lines/wrinkles!  I know I’m getting older and maybe I just have to accept my lines are now visible but sometimes I feel the powder accentuates them!

It is hard to use liquid concealer with the powder as it clings to the liquid if you apply the concealer beforehand – resulting in darker circles/spots.  If you use the concealer after the powder it doesn’t blend well.  I will probably have to try and get my hands on an alternative concealer!

So, that’s what I think!  If you’re in the market for a new foundation you should definitely give this one a try!

Thanks for reading! x

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation

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