Bump Update: 18 – 21 Weeks Pregnant!

18 Weeks Pregnant

So, I’ve decided I’m not going to continue with the format I had been using for my bump updates because, well….they’re boring as hell and SO repetitive.  As I’m quite pregnant now I feel more confident about actually talking about the pregnancy so I am going to try something a little bit different.

Moving House

I mentioned before that we had hoped to have moved house in the beginning of June, unfortunately the date kept changing – the second week, the third week and eventually the beginning of July.  I haven’t spoken about our living situation on the blog before but I am going to now.  In September 2014 we were effectively made homeless.  Noel’s mom and stepdad were kind enough to take us in and rent a room off them and that’s where we have been until now!

Mini Break

18 Weeks Pregnant

SO, as we had expected to have moved already, during week 18 of the pregnancy Noel, Devin and I headed off for a couple of nights away in Kenmare Bay in Kerry!  We had SUCH a lovely time together and it was a perfect little break away to clear the head and spend some quality time together.  More about Kenmare later!

So long Morning Sickness!

I’ve been feeling MUCH better as the morning sickness is FINALLY passing.  I’ve only felt sick a couple of times in the past week so I am delighted!  I have started getting really awful headaches though, the same as during my first pregnancy as well as sinus headaches – but I now have a spray for that and those have been relieved GREATLY!

Other Preggo Probs

Get ready for the moan….firstly, because I’m on my feet so much I have varicose and spider veins – eugh!!  I hate seeing my legs right now, they look horrible!  Even worse though, and this happened last time too, I have two lumps below my bump which are also varicose veins and they hurt like a mother F!

Also, my belly is HUGE!  I can hardly breathe and I’m only 21 weeks right now!  A lady asked me yesterday, and let Noel be my witness to this, ‘have you long left to go?’  I replied ‘until what?’ and she nodded towards my belly.   ‘Eh, yeah…November,’ I said.  ‘Oh my God, you’re HUGE!’ … I’m so massive people think I’m about to give birth!

21 Weeks Pregnant

(Devin saying he needs to take a bump photo!)


This is one heck of an active baby!  When I get scans and they are trying to get measurements, they can’t….because the baby moves too much – haha!  Fortunately, the baby is not active throughout the night like Devin was though, so sleep is undisturbed!  Another thing which is just SUPER cute is when Devin comes in to the room and he’s being his usual loud self the baby starts kicking like crazy!

Ok, I have talked a LOT today so I’m going to stop.  Hopefully these updates are little more interesting than those ones I was doing before!   Next week we’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl!

Thanks for reading! x

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