My Tanning Routine with Cocoa Brown Tan!

Cocoa Brown Tan

The last time I posted about tan I was talking about Cocoa Brown’s Gentle Bronze..I was dipping a toe into the tanning pool!  Well, winter has been and gone and I am no longer tanned like I was last summer *sad face* …I’m also pregnant and need to be careful about sunbathing, so really the only option for me is to fake it!

I’ve been using Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Dark Tan for weeks now and I am absolutely loving it!  I absolutely love the colour I get from the 1 Hour Tan (I leave it on for two hours before showering) and it isn’t overly stinky!  (Noel still says I smell like biscuits!)  This tan lasts me about 6 days and fades evenly – I always hated the idea of end of the week ‘patchy tan’ – not with this one!   You also get SO many uses out of one can and it is REALLY inexpensive!  This is hands down, all round the best tan in the world!

So….Here is my current Tanning Routine!


Cocoa Brown Tan

I use the Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF 3 in 1 Body Scrub and an exfoliating hand mitt.  I either soak in the bath first or have a long shower (where I wash my hair) and then slough off all the dead skin and old tan!  This can be used when your skin is dry too but it’s more abrasive that way – I only ever use it dry on particularly stubborn patches.

I also shave at this time and then I use a moisturising body wash, such as Sanex to soothe my skin.

I don’t use a moisturiser, just get straight into my jammies!


Cocoa Brown Tan

If you don’t have to be anywhere until afternoon or evening (your mornings are free) then this will work for you too!  I use my 1 Hour Tan in DARK and gloves – I don’t know why I just do not like tanning mitts and they ALWAYS manage to stain my palms!!

I start at my feet and work my way up.  I use a mirror and daylight to make sure I haven’t missed any bits.  When I get to my neck, I get a little bit of moisturiser and blend it into my neck to try and make it look a little more natural.  For my face I use what is left on the gloves and mix with moisturiser and apply all over my face.  After about 30 or 40 minutes, I use some Micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe my face clean.  When  I have done my whole body I take off one glove and do the back of that hand, mixing the tan with a little bit of moisturiser so it is not too intense.  Then I swap the glove and do the same on the other hand.  No tanned palms!

Then I put on a onesie and wait two hours before taking a shower!  It is AMAZING!


Cocoa Brown Tan

If you are on holiday or going swimming you might want to touch up or extend your tan rather than letting it fade.  The Gentle Bronze gradual tanner is perfect for this.  It has a great scent and it is fast drying and I have a whole review on it HERE!

Hope you found this useful and thanks so much for reading! X

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