REVIEW: Lee Stafford uBunTu Oils Moisturising Hair Butter

Lee Stafford

I’ve started using the uBunTu Oils Moisturising Hair Butter by Lee Stafford and it’s another product I am really happy with.  I mentioned in my last post that there was another product I had been using which was really helping to give my hair a bit of life and this is it!  You want to know how I know it actually works and it’s not all in my head? … Because the HUBBY has commented on my hair!!  If your husband notices your hair to be shinier and bouncier then you are doing something right!!


On the packaging it says ‘Feels weird, amazing results!’ and this is such a good way to describe it!  I expected a conditioner but it’s not at all….it just feels weird!

It’s like a body butter and it melts into your hair but it doesn’t de-tangle or anything you might expect from a conditioner.  Instead, it works its magic and you end up with gorgeous hair once you’ve dried it!

It smells absolutely delightful and your hair smells salon gorgeous after using it.

Lee Stafford


This product is formulated with Shea Butter and Baobab Oil which is taken from the African Baobab tree, also known as ‘the tree of life’.  Every time I use this product I sing Rafiki’s song from the Lion King – haha – ‘Asante sana…sqashed banana….’ (Because he lives in a Baobab tree, y’a know?!)

Anyway, I’m absolutely LOVING this product at the moment!  If you have dry, damaged and wild hair that needs taming I strongly suggest you give this one a go!


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Thanks for reading! x

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