REVIEW: Lee Stafford uBunTu and Arganoil Styling Products

Lee Stafford

I’ve been trying out a few new Lee Stafford products so this will be the first of three new reviews!  As you know, I am IN LOVE with Lee’s products – my favourites are the HAiR GRowTH TREaTMENT and the BLEAch Blondes range – and my love has now grown!

Today I’m talking about two amazing styling products which are now part of my haircare routine – the uBunTu Oils Repair Oil and the Arganoil Glossing Blow Dry Gel.

uBunTu Oils from Africa™ Repair Oil

uBunTu Oils

Because my hair has been bleached (don’t worry, not while I’m preggers) and I use heat when styling, it is SO important that I look after it with the right products.  The uBuntu Oils range claim to leave hair pampered, repaired, restored and full of juicy goodness once again – so OBVIOUSLY I had to give this a go!

Using this (*and another product from the same range which I will be talking about in another post) has definitely given my hair a really healthy look and feel.  Now, I know you can NEVER repair dead hair but there is something about this oil that really makes me wonder…maybe I have zombie hair – back from the dead!

This is a lovely product, it has a gorgeous light fragrance (although it’s nothing at all like the PiNK range, which took me a while to come to terms with –haha) and it does not, at all, leave your hair greasy or oily!

Huge thumbs up from me!

Arganoil Glossing Blow Dry Gel


This stuff is just perfection.  First of all, it’s more like a balm than a gel – so it doesn’t leave your hair sticky or make it impossible to run a round brush through it!  Secondly, it adds light volume by padding out the hair but it still leaves it looking glossy.  Finally, it offers heat protection of up to 250 °C – and we all know how much I love my heat protection!

Again, it has a gorgeous light fragrance – it’s Moroccan inspired so it’s like a trip to the salon every time you use it!

Here’s a photo of my healthier looking hair:

Lee Stafford

So these are two HIGHLY recommended products, if you’re thinking of trying either of them you need to do it – your hair deserves to be pampered!

Thanks for reading! x

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