Bump Update: 17 Weeks Pregnant!

17 Weeks Pregnant

(It looks bigger than it is in this top, I think!)

How far along?

17 Weeks

Total weight gain:

I don’t know…and I don’t want to know!

Maternity clothes?

All the time

Stretch marks?

Not yet!


Better!  Still quite tired so I’m falling asleep by 10pm haha!

Best moment this week:

We went to Tayto Park with Devin and it was SUPER fun! (Tayto is an Irish brand of crisps)

Miss anything?


Food cravings:

I had a couple of cravings for garlic fries last week!  And I’m off the Lucozade now!

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Not nauseas ALL day anymore!  Noel and I were talking about it though, I have not had one day where I haven’t been sick! Aghh


Don’t know!

Labour signs:

Not yet!


A few movements.  Obvious kicks when I kneel down and my legs press on my belly.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off:


Happy or moody most of the time:


Looking forward to:

Spending time with Devin this week, it’s nice to be off with him!


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