PREGNANCY BEAUTY: Bio-Oil, the Miracle Beauty Product!

Bio oil

I first started using Bio-Oil when I was much younger as a means of fading a scar.  I had an operation when I was about 12 years old and I ended up with very bad scarring with a large keloid.  Another procedure was offered to me at the time to remove the keloid but my fear of needles stopped me from going through with it – it didn’t seem medically necessary

Years later the scar began to fade at the very top.  I figured it must be possible to fade a keloid scar if it had faded on its own, so I decided to try Bio-Oil.  It actually worked!

Using it in Pregnancy

I already had faith that Bio-Oil worked and as it is recommended for preventing stretch marks, I swore by it during my first pregnancy.  Luckily I didn’t get any stretch marks first time round and I don’t know if it’s down to the Bio-Oil or not but I’m using it again this time!

Bio Oil

As it turns out Bio-Oil is actually a pretty great beauty product and here’s why:

*It’s great for fading scars

*It prevents stretch marks

*It helps to fade hyperpigmentation

*It contains anti-aging ingredients

*It’s SUPER hydrating and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy – looks great on tanned legs during the summer!

If you’re looking for some pregnancy must have products, don’t skip this one!  After your shower or bath, massage into tummy, sides and anywhere else you think might be growing during your pregnancy 😉

Thanks for reading! x

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