Bump Update: 13 Weeks Pregnant!

13 Weeks 

How far along?

13 Weeks

Total weight gain:

Don’t know since last visit… 2.3kg

Maternity clothes?

I definitely need them now, I’m just trying to find time to go shopping!  Every time I go in to New Look they don’t have  the jeans in my size…grr!

Stretch marks?

Not yet…have started using Bio-Oil again which I found really helpful last time!


Not as tired as I have been but my sleep is still disturbed by the pee breaks 😦

Best moment this week:

Spending my birthday with family and Devin saying ‘Happy Party, Mommy’ without anyone prompting him 🙂

Miss anything?


Food cravings:

Lucozade Orange, drinking it all the time!  No mad cravings, I’m still just eating a lot!

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Still can’t drink milk but I have FINALLY been able to start drinking tea with no milk 🙂 If you’re Irish, you understand!  So milk, oily foods, chocolate….and then I just still have nausea all the time!


Don’t know!  Friends and family are starting to make guesses!

Labour signs:



Nausea, really bad back pain, cramps (which are scaring me) … oh and a massive bump and I am pretty sure I can feel movements now!

Belly button in or out?

Still in!

Wedding rings on or off:


Happy or moody most of the time:

Ok, I asked Noel and he says ‘back and forth’!

Looking forward to:

Moving next month … (still!)

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