REVIEW: Silky Smooth Feet with MICRO Pedi NANO


It is coming into the summer time and let me tell you, I will be wearing flip flops A LOT!  If my last pregnancy is anything to go by, my tootsies will be twice their usual size in no time!  Shoes are just not going to happen in the summer weather.  Which brings me to my next point – my feet are oooogly.  Seriously, it’s been a LONG winter for my footsies and they are in desperate need of some pampering!

Enter the MICRO Pedi NANO!  Last year I reviewed the amazing MICRO Nail electric nail polisher and I loved it, so when I saw that the MICRO Pedi NANO was launching I had to try it!



The MICRO Pedi NANO exfoliates and removes hard, dry, rough skin leaving your heels and soles soft and beautiful!    It is completely safe because it doesn’t use blades that could cut the skin – luckily, because I would NOT trust myself with blades!  Instead it uses a breakthrough antibacterial micro-mineral roller – (the antibacterial bit means that your roller won’t grow horrible things between uses – YAY!)

Also, because it is the NANO it’s super small and super light – so you can pop it in your suitcase if you’re going on a summer holiday!


How to use (it’s REALLY easy):

Clean and dry your feet

Turn on the device

Roll back and forth over dry skin for 2-3 seconds.

Turn off the device

Rinse your feet



It WORKS!  I’m so pleased!  This is only my first use and I’m already pretty certain I’m going to have gorgeous feet by the time summer rolls around! 😉

The MICRO Pedi NANO comes in three colours, Blue, Orange or Fuschia Pink!  It will be available in Boots, leading pharmacies and online at from 6th of May 2015.


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