mememe cosmetics

One brand that I’ve heard A LOT about in the beauty blogging community, is MeMeMe Cosmetics. Ever since they arrived in Ireland, I’ve been dying to get my hands on their products, so I was delighted when I received some to try out!

I have to say, I am SO  impressed with the products. They are affordable and the quality is amazing.

MeMeMe Flawless Tinted Moisturiser €12.99

mememe cosmetics

This is just what I like, a really light makeup to give a radiant and dewy glow during the day, but can double as a base for foundation in the night. It’s a lot like a BB cream actually (which we all know I LOVE), with an SPF, light reflecting pigments for a radiant finish, microspheres for a smooth and even application and Jojoba Oil & Glycerine to moisturise and nourish the skin! The shade I’m using is Beige Blush.  It has a gorgeous scent too, with a hint of vanilla…and we all know how much I love yummy smelling products!

mememe cosmetics

MeMeMe Light me up Lip Gloss €8.99

mememe cosmetics

This is, by far, the coolest makeup product I’ve ever had! This super shiny, non-sticky lip colour comes with a mirror on the side and an ingenious ‘light-up lip applicator’! How cool is that? A perfect handbag accessory for a night out! The Lip Gloss itself contains plumping agents for volume (it’s got a little tingly mintiness to it) and has high-moisturising properties to help the smooth lip contours.

MeMeMe Arch Angel Brow Gel €10.50

mememe cosmetics

If you haven’t realised it yet, big brows are back! This amazing dual sided gel definer and highlighter is perfect for beautifully arched brows. You use the gel definer to tame and shape, followed by dotting the creamy highlighter along the brow bone to lift, accentuate and define. Another tip for a flawless clean look, is to just wear mascara and dot the highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes to brighten and open up the eyes.

mememe cosmetics

These are just a few of the amazing products available from MeMeMe. Click here to see a list of stockists in Ireland OR here to see the international site.

Check out the MeMeMe Cosmetics Ireland Facebook page for more product details and pricing.

Thanks for reading x

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