Review: Spongellé Infused Sponges


The lovely Michelle from Studio-Wax in Drogheda got in contact with me about trialling a new product she’s introducing in Ireland, Spongellé.  The Spongellé sponges are described as body buffers, which (amongst other things) tone the skin and reduce cellulite.   I told Michelle at the time, I was pretty skeptical about whether it would work or not – but I was so wrong!


I don’t know about you, but when I’m exfoliating in the shower, I use about half the tub of exfoliator – because it rinses off way too quick.  The Spongellé buffers are infused with body wash already, and they are designed for use in the shower.  So you not only end up with scrubbed up, exfoliated and beautifully soft (and easy to shave) skin afterwards, but there’s loads of bubbles too!  As Spongellé say, it’s not just a shower – it’s an event!


I received two products….

This buffer will smooth and tone your skin.  This dual sided Anti-Cellulite Toning Buffer utilizes the SalSphere delivery system to massage, smooth, and exfoliate areas prone to cellulite.  It comes in a gorgeous Beach Grass scent – Mmmmm!


Key Features and Ingredients

-Paraben Free

-Lasts for 25-30 showers

-Great for removing fake tan

-Excellent for use between waxing (or shaving)

-Green Tree Extract (amazing anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties)

-Indian Lotus Flower (improves the skin’s texture)

-Grapefruit Seed Extract (skin conditioning properties)

These buffers are just the most luxurious way to cleanse and relax the feet.  They exfoliate, hydrate, rejuvenate and purify.  Infused with Mineral-Rich Sea Kelp to detoxify, naturally antibacterial Ginger Extracts, and genuine Australian Macadamia Nut Oil for deep penetration and ultimate skin softening.
The Pedi Buffers are available in Black Mandarin Bamboo & Summer Lilac Verbena
Key Features and Ingredients
– Excellent product to maintain a Pedicure
-Relieves and refreshes tired and aching footsies
-Great treatment for cracked heels
I absolutely adore these two products and I am using them nearly every time I shower.  The Pedi-Buffer has been so good to me, sometimes I even just pop my feet in the bath when I get home and use it straight away! I just love the amazing refreshing feeling it gives.  I also had the remnants of summer, in the form of peeling tan that I just could not shift.  The body buffer did the trick – leaving skin smooth, with better tone and super soft.
Definitely check out the Spongellé Ireland Facebook and Twitter Pages.  The pricing on the sponges, considering what you get is actually quite reasonable – all in all this brand gets a massive thumbs up from me!
Thanks for reading! x

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