Haul: Statement Jewellery (Pinkora & Button and Bow Factory)

Statement Jewellery

I don’t really like using the term ‘statement’ jewellery, it sort of implies that I’m trying to make some sort of announcement about myself, as in ‘look at me’ or something! That’s not what I think statement jewellery is. I just love bold and dressy pieces of jewellery because they add something interesting to, an otherwise plain, outfit – so when I say ‘statement’, that is what I mean!

On that note, I’m going to talk about two Irish companies that I’ve come across – Pinkora (I found them at UGDO) and The Button and Bow Factory. These two brands offer inexpensive, unique statement and vintage pieces of jewellery. The pricing is somewhere between the budget brands (the likes of Penneys/Primark) and the more expensive high street brands (Zara). So we’re talking €10 – €20 for a nice addition to your wardrobe.

What I really LOVE about these brands is that you are highly unlikely to spot someone in the local supermarket wearing the same pieces of jewellery as you – whereas that HAS actually happened to me with my Penneys pieces!


I absolutely ADORE this brand. Established this year by sisters Michelle and Emma, they offer beautiful pieces and are constantly changing up their collections throughout the year to keep on top of the latest trends. Michelle and Emma are absolutely lovely to deal with, they offer free shipping in Ireland and their products are available to purchase Worldwide.

Here are a couple of pieces from the A/W 14 collection…

Green and Diamond Necklace €20

Statement Jewellery

This is actually my favourite piece.  It’s so beautiful!  The photo doesn’t do it justice, it has a distressed gold look, giving it a real ‘vintage’ feel.  The stone detailing is heavy and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is!  I absolutely love wearing this to dress up a look for the evening.  It’s the necklace I’m wearing in the evening of my Lusty Beg Vlog.

Gold Diamond Drop Earrings €12

Statement Jewellery

I’m NOT a fan of ‘dangling’ earrings, but these are definitely the exception.  I think these would be so great for a formal evening or black tie type event.  If you were to keep the outfit clean and classic, maybe a black dress, and hair up – these would just be so gorgeous.  They also aren’t heavy, so they don’t pull your lobes down or feel uncomfortable!

Statement Jewellery


The Button and Bow Factory feature beautifully unique pieces that are  hand selected from around the world.  Their pieces fall under a number of themes such as Kitsch, Vintage, Childhood Memories, Sweet Treats and many more.

A few pieces from their upcoming collection…

Orange Tassel Cuff Bracelet €15

Statement Jewellery

I wear this ALL the time.  Yes, it used to have an orange tassel, but I snagged it on something and ended up having to remove it!  The cuff and chain though, are so nice, and really great for everyday wear.

What it used to look like….

Statement Jewellery

“Olivia” Necklace €18

Statement Jewellery

It’s extremely difficult to photograph this necklace, haha!  I’m inserting a sneaky photo I took on the bus….

Statement Jewellery

A yellow gold, round link chain with coral/orange and diamante detailing.  I actually wear this as a day piece.  I think it’s really pretty, but it’s definitely a less formal looking piece.  It’s a great one to add a little colour or sparkle to an outfit.

Pearl Ear Cuff €15

Statement Jewellery

This piece sparked the most interest of all when I put the pieces up on Instagram last month.  It is a really cool looking piece – probably too young for me though, haha!  The bottom is a stud, and at the top there’s a clip to fix it in place.  It can be worn with other pieces too, a bracelet/cuff or necklace as it’s not too over-the-top (as I think a lot of ear cuffs seem to be at the moment!)

Both companies sent me products for consideration, so I did not spend money on these items and I’m also not being paid for my opinion.  As you know, I’m always very honest about the products I review and this will be no different.  As I said, Pinkora is just a firm favourite of mine at the moment, the quality, price point and range is absolutely spot on!  The Button and Bow Factory have an amazing range of products too – there are such cute, beautiful and even sophisticated items – all in one place.  However, I have to say I think the pricing vs the quality on a couple of the items I received was a little bit steep.  I know it’s terrible, I got them for free – but I always want to be honest here!

Please check out both Pinkora and The Button and Bow Factory online.  The Button and Bow Factory offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING too!

Thanks so much for reading! x

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