Review: PAESE Cosmetics Eye Makeup

PAESE Cosmetics

ANOTHER brand that I discovered at the UGDO show, is PAESE Cosmetics.  When I saw their stand I had recognised the name but I couldn’t tell them from where!  Beauty Bloggers I had guessed, and they said that Beauty Bloggers are usually where people hear about them from!  They took details of my blog and last week I received a package of eye shadows to test out!

Affordable eye shadows are generally all the same… pretty crappy!  Let’s just be honest about it here!  PAESE is an ENTIRELY different story, though!  They are so beautifully pigmented, they are silky and blend-able, they out perform any budget brand I’ve tried on my eyes… and I LOVE THEM!

Here’s what I got…

PAESE Cosmetics


These matte shadows contain a triple pigment formula and silicon oil.  Basically,  the colour is super strong!  You can use them dry, or wet – to intensify the look.  Silk proteins also help to minimise fallout while applying them.

Matte Mono #672 (€4.99)

PAESE Cosmetics

This is by far my favourite.  This colour is a beautiful neutral mauve/brown.  I really love this for an everyday look.  It’s incredible!  It’s probably the easiest shadow to apply that I have come across yet!  This particular range has 24 neutral shadows to choose from.

PAESE Cosmetics

Matte Trio #683 (€5.50)

PAESE Cosmetics

Just LOOK at the intensity of colour here!  I’ve never seen anything like this in a budget brand before!  Again, there are six sets in the trio range to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!

PAESE Cosmetics

PAESE OPAL Shimmering Eye Shadow Trio (€6.99)

PAESE Cosmetics

This range has 15 to choose from.  I have #231 “Ice Queen” – perfect for a smoky eye.  This can be worn in the daytime and intensified for a nighttime look.  These trios are all shimmering, have a smooth, soft consistency, contain vitamins A, C and E and have no parabens or allergens!  So they are perfect even for the most sensitive of eyes.

PAESE Cosmetics

PAESE DIAMOND Trio Pearlised Eye Shadows (€3.99)

PAESE Cosmetics

I’m using #703 and these shades are absolutely stunning!  I’ve been using the lightest shade in this particular set to death – haha!  There are 10 trio sets to choose from.

PAESE Cosmetics

The DIAMOND eye shadows contain more than 50% natural pearl – which gives a metallic shimmer effect!  As I mentioned in a previous post, A/W 2014 Catwalks have shown us that metallics will be VERY in this season, so these sets are a must right now – especially at €3.99!  They contain beeswax for a creamy application and these ones can also be used wet or dry!  If you find one shade in particular that you love, which I have, the DIAMOND range is also available in 12 single colors!

PAESE Eyeshadow Base – €9.99

PAESE Cosmetics

This is a primer for the lids, which ACTUALLY WORKS!  I have never found an eye primer that I like.  I’m one of those that has a reaction to Primer Potion.  I usually just use Boi-ing Concealer as a primer.  I love this product though!  It really makes the shadows last all day, it doesn’t crease and you only need to use the tiniest amount.  I think I’ll be using this one daily!

PAESE Cosmetics

There’s A LOT more than just eye makeup to choose from so you should probably go and check PAESE out online!  You can purchase online, but if you are a person, like myself, that likes to get your hands on the products before you buy – here’s a list of stockists.

This is definitely the best budget eye makeup brand I’ve tried yet!  I’m completely in love and, if you haven’t guessed already, I highly recommend ALL of the products I’ve been talking about!

Let me know if you’ve tried other ranges from the brand – I think I’m going to have to go and have a touchy-feely session with the other products myself!

Thanks for reading x

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