Review: Yogandha Oils


Yogandha is another brand that I discovered at the Ultimate Girl’s Day Out.  I’ll be honest, I originally thought this wasn’t for me – because I don’t do Yoga!  As it turns out, it has so many more uses than that.  In fact, they are actually in the early stages of expanding their range in order to make it more beauty product focused!

After meeting her at the UGDO show, when Lynn from Yogandha heard about my recent neck and shoulder issues she (very kindly) sent me some products to help me feel better!


As you probably know, I’ve really been loving natural products and essential oils lately.  Yon-Ka and Celtic Candles are amazing – there’s just something about them that I find to be so much more relaxing than the likes of Yankee.  To that end, Yogandha make 100% natural and ethically sourced wellness oils.  They donate 5% of all profits to Women for Women International! (Which is pretty nice!!)

So, these Oils have been genuinely amazing to use…and I’m going to tell you all about the ones I’ve been trying out…


photo 3(61)

This one contains organic ginger and sweet marjoram.  Lynn explained that the ginger is great for any aches and pains – with its warming and stimulating effect.  She’s right, I find that using this after a hot shower gives me such a soothing feeling.  My muscles don’t feel as tense and I find it more comfortable to sleep!

This one also contains arnica which is supposed to help with bruising – and I bruise like a peach!  So I’ve been using this as an all-over-oil as much as possible.  To be honest – it’s my husband that has to do the application so I don’t make him rub my bruised legs every night – haha!



Here’s the big beauty one.  You know how you can do lymphatic drainage massage on your face to reduce puffiness – around the eyes and jaw?  Well this is basically the same thing for your body!  This product is packed full of ingredients to encourage lymphatic drainage.  You can do your own massage at home for both Beauty and Health results.


Reduce cellulite
Reduce swelling, puffiness and blotches
Can give you clean healthy pores
Can speed up healing in scar tissue/stretch marks


Get the Lymphatic Drainage system
working better – helping to remove toxins from the body.
Reduces water retention
Can help your body fight infection and speed up healing and recovery from illness



Last but DEFINITELY not least, this is my favourite.  I carry this around with me all day.  It smells like grapefruit and bergamot and it’s so up-lifting.

It’s come at a great time too, I’ve a lot going on and I’ve just returned to learning too (and it’s been 6 years since I left Uni) so I’m wrecked – haha.

When I feel a slump coming on, I just roll this on to some pulse points – my wrists, inner elbows and my neck.  I feel refreshed and it’s a lot better than all the coffee I’d been drinking!


The smell is quite subtle – I’ve been really blunt and asked people if they think I smell like a hippy!  They’ve told me no – so that’s enough for me!

I’ve been loving these products and there are PLENTY more available, so please go and check Yogandha out online and give them a follow on Twitter!

Thanks so much for reading!! x

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