Review: Aurora Band Night Roller (NO HEAT) Loose Waves / Curls


A couple of weeks ago I went to The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out.  One of the exhibitors at the show was Aurora Hair Products.  Until then, I’d never heard of the company or Lyndsey (the brains behind the Aurora Night Roller).  She was actually on Dragon’s Den!

Anyway, I watched the demonstration of the Aurora Hair Roller at the show and I HAD to have one!  When I told Lyndsey who I was, she actually gave me one to try out!  The Roller retails at an amazing price of €12.99 HALF THE PRICE of Sleep in Rollers!

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

As you know by now, I haven’t been able to do anything with my right arm for a while, so I hadn’t yet been able try the Roller out myself.  HOWEVER, my amazing husband agreed to help me do it!  I’m sorry, but I won’t have a video tutorial for a while  but there’s one here by Lyndsey

This product is genuinely AMAZING!! You know how into hair I am, and that I have no qualms about slating a hair product –  if I’m saying this, it must be good!

Here’s why I love it:

SO EASY to use – MY HUSBAND did it!
FAST – Less than five minutes
AMAZING RESULTS – You get beautiful big loose curls/waves.
STYLE LASTS ALL DAY – I have photos to prove it!

About the product:

This is a Band you place over your hair at night, wrap the hair around it (full instructions are in the box) and it transforms your hair overnight into salon quality hair!  Again, the instructional video is here!

So, now for some embarrassing photos!  I’m doing this to show my hair and I know I look like crap!  Also, I know my hair is quite frizzy in it, but remember – my husband did it for me and I couldn’t exactly get him to start using serums and such!  That’s another thing – we used NO PRODUCT when doing this!

Here’s me the night before:


Here’s me the morning after:



Here’s what I looked like at the end of the day:


And then we did it AGAIN the next night and I literally woke up with this hair:


It is A LITTLE bit tricky to take out, so that’s why you have got to follow the instructions properly.  You have to leave a gap at the back to unwrap the hair the next morning!

I absolutely LOVE this product, and I may end up never using my curling wand again!

Follow Aurora on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube to keep up to date on tips and tricks and new products!

Thanks so much for reading x

10 thoughts on “Review: Aurora Band Night Roller (NO HEAT) Loose Waves / Curls

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  3. I absolutely would recommend this product I am a hairdresser myself and hate doing my own hair in the morning as takes me forever and I would prefer to sleep. 😂 I brought the aurora band thinking will it actually work and it did I have fallen in love with the product, it saves me time, clients recommend my hair, and I get more sleep lol, it is extremely comfortable to sleep in. I am over the moon with how my hair looks. ❤️❤️👍🏼


  4. I bought this product on your recommendation – I absolutely loved the effect on your hair! I was really pleased with my curls however they only lasted a few hours. Did u do anything at all to your hair pre and post band to get them to last? Thanks! X


    • I don’t usually do anything else, but you could try the John Frieda spray I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Maybe spray into your hair before you wrap and go over it with the hair dryer once the band is in?? It’s all just trial and error for me but I would probably give that a go xx


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