Review: AUSSIE Miracle Dry Shampoo (Mega Instant)

Aussie Dry Shampoo

This weekend I went to Superdrug and bought the most AMAZING product, the AUSSIE Miracle Dry Shampoo!  More on that in a second…

As you may or may not know, I’ve been out of action for a while, as I can’t use my right arm!  MRI results came threw today – and I have not one, BUT THREE slipped discs in my neck!  Good times!

Now, we all know how hair obsessed I am, so not being able to wash and blowdry my own hair has been VERY upsetting for me! (I know, I’m ridiculous!)

Anyway, I popped into Superdrug in Tallaght over the weekend and spotted the AUSSIE Miracle Dry Shampoo range.  They have SUCH great deals in Superdrug, and there’s one running across the AUSSIE range in Ireland at the moment, until 23rd September 2014!

Aussie Dry Shampoo
Anyway, I usually don’t like the smell of dry shampoo, I’m so fussy, so I don’t use it!  But this was AUSSIE!  And you’ve heard me tell you over, and over how much I love this brand!

So, I did that thing that you aren’t supposed to do – sprayed a bit into the cap, and OH MY…it smelled exactly like the shampoo!  So I went ahead and bought it – I got the Mega Instant one. (Smells just like Mega Shampoo!)
Aussie Dry Shampoo
This has been my saving grace.  I’ve seriously got a new favourite hair product!  (Sorry, Lee Stafford Purple Shampoo!)  I am now able to feel clean and confident enough to be seen in public, AND I smell SO good – haha!

What it says:

No shower required. Just a burst of Mega Instant and a bit of brush-out brings instant, just-washed Aussie-ness and fragrance to your hair.

How it works:

It contains Jojoba Seed Extract – used for centuries by the indigenous Australians as it was believed to naturally condition hair.

It wards off yucky grease and revives your hair’s general fabulousness in a matter of minutes!

What I thought:

It is with GREAT embarrassment that I show you these photos of my HIDEOUS greasy hair….but you need to see it works!

Aussie Dry ShampooAussie Dry Shampoo

I’m seriously impressed, I feel a lot less embarrassed by my less frequently washed hair now, and I genuinely believe EVERY GIRL NEEDS THIS IN HER LIFE.  Whether it’s that you over slept in the morning, you’re sick or just not bothered to wash your hair – you need this!

There are actually 3 in the AUSSIE dry shampoo range – Mega Instant, Aussome Volume and Colour Mate.  They also come in a smaller size, but mine was the biggest size only €3.85 for the 180ml can in Superdrug – and, again, that’s still on offer until 23 September 2014!

If, like me for a long time, you did not realise the amazing Superdrug is in Ireland there’s a few that I know of.  The Square in Tallaght, OmniPark SC in Swords, Letterkenny and Wexford!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is in no way sponsored, I just happen to love both AUSSIE and Superdrug – haha!

Thanks for reading! x

2 thoughts on “Review: AUSSIE Miracle Dry Shampoo (Mega Instant)

  1. Thanks to this review, I’ve gone and purchased this product this afternoon. Wanted to try the baptiste range but something was preventing me from doing so. Lovely review.


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