Shortlisted for Blog Awards Ireland Best Beauty Blog

Blog Awards Ireland

This post has taken me DAYS to write, as I only have the use of one arm and hand at the moment!  On that note, if anyone would like to come to my house to wash and blowdry my hair for me – I will repay you with one armed hugs and Snickers bars!

Back to the post…

I have been Shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland Best Beauty Blog.  To say that I am ecstatic, is an understatement.  When I read LaBelleMama on the list, I cried.  No joke.  To understand this emotion, I need to take you on a little trip down memory lane…

Back in the Day
I used to read blogs and watch YouTube videos ALL the time.  It was honestly the only way I would make a decision about buying a product.  I put such trust in bloggers, and believed they were always being honest with me.  The first time I purchased a brand on recommendation, which I’d never heard anything about, was back in 2010 when Michelle Phan reviewed something called “The Brush Guard”!  I ended up loving it!

By 2012 I had discovered more and more Irish Bloggers, and the way I discovered them was through Blog Awards Ireland!

After the Awards I began to follow Irish beauty gurus – the likes of Lovely Girlie Bits, Fluff and Fripperies and SoSueMe.  AND of course, having just given birth to my son, ALL of the Irish Parenting Bloggers! (This is the first year they have a category of their own! That’s how great they are!)  Anyway, it was wonderful to be able to read things that related to IRISH stores/products!

By 2013, I had set up my own blog and I wouldn’t have even DREAMT of asking anyone to nominate me for an award!  I was embarrassed and I never told anyone about my blog!

On one or two occasions, I realised that people I knew in “real life” had found La Belle Mama.  They made “jokes” in front of me that were jabs at posts I had written – and I have to admit, that really hurt!

Still, in 2013 I followed the Blog Awards and I found even more blogs to follow, the likes of Blondes Love Cupcakes and Makeup Monster!

Something changed in me in 2014 though, I thought to myself “You know what? I bloody love writing this blog, and I’m going to do what makes me happy!”  So I asked people to nominate me for the newcomer category in the Aussie Blog Awards…and I WON!

Here’s me being super emotional about that:

Blog Awards Irelandphoto 3

That Aussie Blog Award gave me confidence and belief in myself that I needed.  I felt that I was “good enough”, that I should keep doing what I love, and getting Shortlisted this week for the Blog Awards Ireland has done that tenfold!

Imagine, these awards that I’ve seen all the “real” bloggers being nominated and shortlisted for…I’m one of them now!

I am hugely honoured to see my name on a list with those exact same girls I mentioned above – LovelyGirlieBits, FluffandFripperies, SoSueMe, BlondesLoveCupcakes, MakeupMonster.  (And there are MANY more!)

So, maybe now you can understand my emotion here.  I guess my message is this: you make me feel like I’m good at something, you make me feel appreciated and most importantly not ashamed or embarrassed of who I am!

So, I want to say a GREAT BIG  thank you to all of you that read and enjoy my blog and anyone that nominated me – you make me SO happy!

(The wash and blowdry bribe still stands!)

Thanks for reading x


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