EVENT REVIEW: The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out 2014

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out was a HUGE success.  My sister and I had the best time!

I’m afraid this post is going to be short and sweet as I am in an enormous amount of pain and currently only have the use of one hand – which is making this rather difficult to write!

However, I want to tell you about my favourite parts of the weekend and the lovely products that I saw – so I’ll include some pics and then I’ll have a few reviews of the products in the coming weeks!  (When my arm works again!!)


The Ultimate Girl's Day Out The Ultimate Girl's Day Out
The first product I was drawn to was the Aurora Band, naturally, we all know how hair obsessed I am!  The amazing Lyndsey (you may recognize her from Dragon’s Den) demonstrated the product and I was honestly blown away.  The results were gorgeous.

I am so looking forward to reviewing The Aurora Band.  It’s so much less hassle than the sleep in rollers, it’s discreet too and has a very attractive price point of €12.99!!


The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

Another product I was loving, (and my sister purchased as many as she could carry, lol), was the Celtic Candles.  These smell so gorgeous, they contain essential oils and – my favourite bit – while they burn you can dip your finger into the oil and rub it on your skin! Gorgeous.

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out


The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

This one isn’t really beauty related – but my sister and I both LOVED these.  They were SO fun and different.  Gorgeous glittery glasses for a party!  If you haven’t heard of this brand before, they are on Twitter HERE!



(this photo is from their facebook page)

I didn’t actually buy this product, but I wish I had!  It is just the most amazing idea!  Basically it’s a hair removal system, similar to threading, but you roll the spring against the hairs.  There’s a great cleaning system for it too – it’s worth checking out!  Visit their Facebook Page for more details!


The Ultimate Girl's Day Out The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

We saw a FANTASTIC show on the Venus Catwalk, styled by Catherine Condell, and yes we were in the frow!  I took snaps of all the outfits I was loving haha – I’ll throw hints at Noel!


The Ultimate Girl's Day Out The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

We also got to see the N°7 Masterclass, which was lovely to see.  N°7 make a point of using “real” women for their campaigns so it was great to see the beautiful natural finish they can achieve using very little product!  Their Match Made Service is something else I will be checking out – where they use a device to find a precise and TRUE match foundation and concealer for you – EVEN if you like to wear fake tan!

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

Also got my hands on the N°7 Pop&Glow Cream Blush in Rose Blossom!  A perfect natural pink and I’m excited to try that out too!


Harmonia (Publishers some of the best Irish Magazines), were running a few different competitions on the day!  It was a lot of fun, and we got a few giggles out of being ‘Cover Girls’

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

There was a Tatler model search too, but I was about 10 years too old to enter that one – haha!

There was a N°7 Selfie hashtag to use, where they printed out your Instagram selfie as a memento – which was pretty lovely!

The Ultimate Girl's Day Out

The day itself so was gorgeous and so girly, THANK YOU SO MUCH to Ultimate Girl’s Day Out for inviting me along – it was an amazing treat!  If you didn’t make it this year – you MUST go next year!  Seriously, it really is THE ULTIMATE Girl’s Day Out!

As I said, a couple of reviews will follow – so watch this space!  Thank you for reading x!

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