Why I Love Nivea Firming Body Lotion

Nivea Firming Body Lotion

Last week I repurchased a long time favourite of mine, Nivea Firming Body Lotion.  I absolutely love this body lotion.

I say that I ‘love’ things quite often, but this is TRUE LOVE!  I’m sure I sound crazy, but hear me out.  Every time I smell this lotion, it takes me somewhere.  Australia to be exact.

Noel and I had moved there, but things had gone pretty wrong for us from the get go.  We got jobs but were paid pretty much nothing.  Minimum wage was something like $15 an hour.  We got just under $3.

We were SO poor, all we ate was cheese singles and noodles!  It was pretty crappy!

We had been living in a hostel, which was hell.  There was a dorm next to us filled with young guys that literally NEVER stopped partying.  The showers were used as toilets.  We ate our “meals” (cheese singles) on the floor in our room.  We were pretty damn miserable.

Needless to say I wasn’t buying makeup or beauty products!  I had picked up a bottle of moisturiser for $1 at Coles.  It smelled really bad and it stung like hell.  It also didn’t moisturise.  I ended up with cracked skin on my arms and legs!

Nivea Firming Body Lotion

Then, something wonderful happened.  We moved to a house share, which was like a palace compared to everything we’d had until that point.  AND Noel bought me a bottle of Nivea Firming Body Lotion!  It was something we could not afford, but he knew how happy it would make me!

I had my first proper shower in weeks and then I used the moisturiser.  I felt amazing, I felt like I was suddenly a girl again.  I kept smelling it on my skin and clothing all day long!  I had no makeup, no perfume, no hair products but I felt beautiful!

When we finally gave up on Australia and decided to go home, I took that moisturiser home with me!  Even with the weight and space restrictions, I had to!  It meant too much to me to throw it away!

So, that’s where this moisturiser takes me every time I use it and that’s why I ACTUALLY love it x

Thanks for reading! x

7 thoughts on “Why I Love Nivea Firming Body Lotion

  1. Aww sorry Australia wasn’t what you’d hoped. Hope you come back for a holiday and experience all the good stuff about it ☺ i just bought this lotion. Hope it works its magic on my pudgy skin lol

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