BaByliss Soft Waves Curling Wand – Review and Tutorial

BaByliss Soft Waves

For the longest time I used a straightener to create curls in my hair.  After I bleached my hair though, I couldn’t do that anymore!  My hair was snagging on the straighteners so much – I literally couldn’t run them through my hair!  Curls are definitely the way to go if you have Ombre hair, it makes mistakes or harsh lines far less noticeable! So I needed an alternative…

Almost two years ago I had used my Boots Advantage Points to buy a curling wand – the BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves.  I had heard it was great, but I ended up getting it once, burning myself and never using it again.

Well, I took it out for trial a few months back and let me tell you, I was so amazed with the results – I use it all the time now!

BaByliss Soft Waves

The BaByliss Boutique Waves Curler is GREAT because…

1.  It has an extra long barrel, so even if you have long hair your hair will fit around it!

2.  It’s clip-free so it makes curling super quick and easy!

3. The width of the barrel creates big loose curls that look NATURAL!

4.  It has 4 different heat settings – I use the highest one!

5.  It comes with a bag, a heat mat and a glove!


(The video of this tutorial is HERE)

(Please ignore the lack of makeup and general disgraceful state of me in the following photos!)

I love to create large natural curls, that will eventually become tousled waves.  This style takes me about 20 minutes to do – that’s with holding each curl for 10 seconds!  It could take you less!

Here’s how I use it:

For the hair on your left, use your RIGHT hand to hold the curler and vice versa

I section my hair into three parts, leave the bottom layer down and tie the rest up.

I then pull that hair forward to either side of my neck and split into equal sections.  This is about 2 or 3 either side,  and I work from the front to back and then go to the other side.

BaByliss Soft Waves

There are 4  basic steps to follow on each layer that you take down.

1. Pull the section of hair taut.  Place the barrel pointing downwards, behind the section of hair.

2. Wrap the hair around the barrel, pulling it away from your face.

3. Hold the curl on the barrel for 5 – 10 seconds.

4. Slowly pull the barrel up and let the curl fall into your hand.  Hold it in your hand for a couple of seconds and then let it down.

BaByliss Soft Waves

Change the glove, and do the other side.  Then, just to make it easier for myself I tied the completed layer in a loose ponytail at the back of my neck.

BaByliss Soft Waves

Continue to work from front to back, it should be two or three sections either side to create big curls.  Tie this next completed section in with the previous at the back of the neck.  Then take down the top layer.

BaByliss Soft Waves

At this point I work from the BACK.  I hold the barrel horizontally and very close to my scalp, still wrapping the hair around the barrel away from my head.

Finished Result:

BaByliss Soft Waves

So that’s how I create big loose curls.  It’s a really easy look to achieve so I hope I made it seem that way in this post!  If you found this helpful or you’d like to see more posts like this – please let me know!

Click below to see the video of this tutorial x

Thanks for reading! x

9 thoughts on “BaByliss Soft Waves Curling Wand – Review and Tutorial

  1. Hi! I’ve also got these and also burnt myself and haven’t gone back! I’m not very good at curling my hair wearing a heat protection glove, but I’m going to give it a go using your instructions! Your hair looks lovely ^_^ x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And so my hair envy of you continues!!!! *sigh*
    FANTASTIC tutorial! I have an old version of this curler, it looks the same, but has a clip mechanism. I could never get it to work! It just did nothing at all to my hair. But I’ll be sure to try it again based on this! Gorgeous x


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