Nimue Skin Technology – for Hyperpigmented Skin

I’m constantly trying new products designed to reduce the look of pigmentation or even out skin tone.  Recently I got my hands on the Skin Health Starter Kit for Hyperpigmented Skin from Nimue Skin Technology.

Nimue Skin Technology

I have been using this stuff religiously for the last few weeks and I love it!  Nimue products are described as ‘cosmeceuticals’ rather than traditional cosmetics – meaning they have pharmaceutical-like benefits and are not limited to concealing and beautifying, but can actually change and rejuvenate the skin!

I feel like I can already see a difference in my skin.  I initially thought that the actual ‘routine’ would be way too time consuming for me, as most of the time I’m more of a ‘one product for all’ type person.  I’m so glad that I actually stuck to it though, and I’m so used to it now it doesn’t seem like an effort!

What’s in the Kit:

Nimue Skin Technology

Cleansing Gel:

This is probably one of the first gel washes that I’ve used on my face that hasn’t been majorly drying and stingy.  It removes all traces of make up, leaves the skin feeling really fresh and clean and it has lots of extra benefits too.

  • Cell renewal and stimulation
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E Ester prevents premature ageing
  • pH 4.5 will cleanse without disturbing the balance of the skin


I’ve never used anything like this before.  You kind of use it in the same way you would a toner, but that’s not what it is.  You apply it with gauze that you get in the kit after cleansing, and it’s supposed to stimulate exfoliation and restore a healthy appearance to the skin.  I’ve been using all of the products, so I can’t pinpoint exactly whether this is responsible or not – but my skin looks and feels better, and it feels great immediately after I use this product.

  • Gently refreshes skin with Tea Tree and Petitgrain essential oils
  • Moisturising ingredients to gently hydrate skin
  • AHA complex to balance and clarify the skin


Nimue Skin TechnologyExfoliating Enzyme

I absolutely LOVE this product.  The exfoliating enzyme dramatically improves the skin’s smoothness, radiance and texture.  A combination of papaya and pineapple enzymes help to detach dead skin cells and promote cell renewal for healthier and younger looking skin!  I use this at least twice a week, and I feel so radiant and great after using it.  If you even use one product by Nimue – it should be this!

Nimue Skin TechnologyDay Fader and Night Fader

  These are designed to regulate skin colour and gently improve the complexion – basically diminish those areas of pigmentation caused by the sun!  There is a AM and PM routine, that’s why there’s a day and night fader.  Although they do the same job, the formula is definitely different – you can see, feel and smell the difference.

The Day Fader contains Vitamin E Ester to protect against free radical damage and the Night Fader contains ingredients to provide intense hydration and skin barrier maintenance at night.


Nimue Skin Technology

Sun-C SPF40

This is probably my second favourite product!  We all know that the most powerful anti-aging product is sunscreen.  I’ve been searching for an SPF that doesn’t give me a greasy face and my makeup will stay in place on.  Well this is it, I’ve found it!  I use this daily and I am completely in love with it.

It’s not just a sunscreen though, it’s a powerful antioxidant complex of moisturisers and SPF boosters, so it provides not only a high degree of sun protection but also reduces the visible signs of photo ageing!

There are also a whole range of other products available for different skin concerns, you can read about them here.

Thanks so much for reading x

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